Jailhouse Fire Blues by Buddy Boy Hawkins

Jailhouse Fire Blues - Buddy Boy Hawkins; Spanish tuning at A.

SPOKEN: Hey, mister jailer! Jailhouse burned down!

Hey, mister jailer, aw, don't sleep so sound
I said, mister jailer, I, I said, don't sleep so sound
Jailhouse on fire, and it could all burn on down

Because that woman I love, she in that jailhouse now
I say, the woman I love, she in the jailhouse now
Well please, mister jailer, you got to get her outa there somehow

Ooooooooooooo, my woman's in trouble now
I said, ooooooo, mama, ah, my brown in trouble now
I said, but one of these cool mornin's, I'm gonna get her out of jail

When I get my little fair brownskin, I, up the country bound
I said, when I get my fair brown, Buddy Boy, I'm goin' up the country bound
And then, mister jailer, I, I hope this jailhouse burn down