Blind Dog Radio

Georgia White

Saturday Night Spender Blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson

The Rose Grew Round the Briar (Early American Rural Love Songs, Vol. 1)

Married Woman Blues by George Torey

Lonesome Man Blues by George Torey

Weeping Willow Woman by George Carter

I Feel So Good (The 1951-54 J.O.B. Sessions) by J.B. Lenoir

Rising River Blues by George Carter

George Carter

Live! At The Cabale (Texas Songster - Vol. 4) by Mance Lipscomb

Railroad Tramp by Dock Boggs

Touch Me Light, Mama by George "Bullet" Williams

Ice And Snow Blues by Peetie Wheatstraw

Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Volume 9 (1937-1938) by Tampa Red

Penitentiary Bound Blues by Sylvester Weaver

Country Girl Blues by George Boldwin

Old Sometime Blues by Frank Stokes

Crying Sam Collins & His Git Fiddle (The Complete Recordings)