The Cornshucker's Frolic (Downhome Music And Entertainment From The American Countryside), Vol. 1 by Various Artists

Label: Yazoo Records.
Release Date: July 20, 1999.
Recording Time: 69 minutes.
Release Info: Studio Recording.
Recording Date: 1920s - 1930s.

Styles: Country, Folk Blues, Country Blues, Songster.

This lively collection of celebratory music by rural musicians from the 1920s and '30s is a dream for fans of vintage country music. With fiddling reels by the likes of Fiddlin' Powers, blues by Pigmeat Pete & Catjuice Charlie, and a host of other long lost greats. While not for every taste, this is a fun collection of rare recordings. ~ Tim Sheridan

Credits: Andrew Baker - performer, primary artist; Jim Baker - performer, primary artist; Andrew & Jim Baxter - primary artist; Binkley Brothers Dixie Clodhoppers - primary artist; Binkley Brothers' Clodhoppers - performer, primary artist; Calloway's West Virgini Mountaineers - primary artist; James Cole String Band - primary artist; Coon's Joy Boys - primary artist; Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers - primary artist; Evans & McClain - primary artist; Joe Evans - primary artist; Fiddlin' Powers & Family - primary artist; Freeny's Barn Dance Band - performer, primary artist; Winston Holmes - performer, primary artist; Judge Sturdy's Orchester - primary artist; Don Kent - liner notes; The Lewis Brothers - performer, primary artist; Bascom Lamar Lunsford - performer, primary artist; Arthur McClain - primary artist; William Sidney Mount - paintings; Richard Nevins - compilation producer, producer, remastering; Hambone Willie Newbern - performer, primary artist; Charlie Parker - performer, primary artist; Pigmeat Pete & Catjuice Charlie - primary artist; Fiddlin' Powers & Family - primary artist; Reeves White Conty Ramblers - primary artist; Red Headed Fiddlers - primary artist; Seven Foot Dilly & His Dilly Pickles - primary artist; Stoneman's Blue Ridge Cornshuckers - primary artist; Taylor's Kentucky Boys - performer, primary artist; Henry Thomas - composer, primary artist; Traditional - composer; Charlie Turner - performer, primary artist; Charles K. Wolfe - liner notes.

Tracks: 1) Little Rabbit and Rabbit Where's Your Mammy? - Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers; 2) Mississippi Square Dance, Pt. 2 - Freeny's Barn Dance Band; 3) Forty Drops - Andrew Baker / Jim Baker / Andrew & Jim Baxter; 4) Serenade in the Mountains, Pt. 2 - Stoneman's Blue Ridge Cornshuckers; 5) Kidder Cole - Bascom Lamar Lunsford; 6) Old Country Stomp - Henry Thomas; 7) Old Virginia Reel, Pt. 1 - Fiddlin' Powers & Family; 8) Old Virginia Reel, Pt. 2 - Fiddlin' Powers & Family; 9) Way Down in Arkansas - Hambone Willie Newbern; 10) Bull at the Wagon - The Lewis Brothers; 11) Fire on the Mountain - Red Headed Fiddlers; 12) Bill Cheatham - James Cole String Band; 13) Rabbit Chase - Charlie Parker; 14) Moselle - Judge Sturdy's Orchester; 15) Old Hen Cackle - Joe Evans / Arthur McClain / Evans & McClain; 16) Flying Engine - Reeves White Conty Ramblers; 17) I'll Rise When the Rooster Crows - Binkley Brothers Dixie Clodhoppers / Binkley Brothers' Clodhoppers; 18) Soldier's Joy - Taylor's Kentucky Boys; 19) Sand Mountain Drag - Seven Foot Dilly & His Dilly Pickles; 20) Kansas City Call - Winston Holmes / Charlie Turner; 21) On Our Turpentine Farm - Pigmeat Pete & Catjuice Charlie; 22) Husking Bee - Coon's Joy Boys; 23) The Cornshuckers Frolic - Calloway's West Virgini Mountaineers.