Blind Dog's Blues (BDR-1017) December Sessions

Barbecue Bob - Waycross Georgia Blues; Blind Willie McTell - On The Cooling Board; Curtis Jones - Down In The Slums; John Jackson - Don't Let Your Deal Go Down; Dixieland Jug Blowers - Carpet Alley Breakdown (Take 1); Memphis Minnie - No Need You Doggin' Me; Peetie Wheatstraw - Midnight Blues; Leadbelly - John Hardy; Charley Jordan - Tough Times Blues; Weems String Band - Greenback Dollar; Harlem Hamfats - Let's Fall In Love Again; Blind Willie Johnson - Bye And Bye, I'm Goin' To See The King; Jaybird Coleman - Ain't Gonna Lay My 'Ligion Down; W.A. Lindsey & Alvin Condor - Boll Weavil; Sylvester Weaver - Southern Man Blues; Henry Townsend - Henry's Worry Blues; Furry Lewis - Rock Island Blues; Little Hat Jones - Little Hat Blues; Peg Leg Howell - Ball And Chain Blues; Butterbeans & Susie - Kiss Me Sweet; Ma Rainey - Screech Owl Blues; Reverend Gary Davis - O Lord, Search My Heart; Leroy Carr - I Won't Miss You When You're Gone; Josh White - Motherless Children; Memphis Jug Band - Insane Crazy Blues; Charley Patton - Some Happy Day; Buddy Moss - Little Angel Blues; Charley Patton - Prayer Of Death, Part 2; Alfred Fields - Quit Your Jivin'; Ernie Hawkins - Dehlia; Pink Anderson - Try Some Of That; Lee Brown - Rolling Stone; Son House - Walking Blues (Unissued Test); Mississippi Fred McDowell - What's The Matter With Papa's Little Angel Child; Mississippi Sheiks - Winter Time Blues; Joe Pullum - Hard-Working Man Blues; Robert Johnson - I'm A Steady Rollin' Man; Walter Vincson - Every Dog Must Have His Day; Dock Boggs - Old Rub Alcohol Blues (Sole Unissued Alternate Take); Sam Collins - Slow Mama Slow; Blind Blake - Cherry Hill Blues; Lucious Curtis - Time I Gittin' Hard; Sleepy John Estes - Stack O' Dollars; Scrapper Blackwell - Good Woman Blues; Papa Charlie Jackson - Sheik Of Displaines Street; Ramblin' Thomas - Ground Hog Blues; Barbecue Bob - She Shook Her Gin; Charley Patton - Poor Me; Casey Bill Weldon - Rooster Blues; Texas Alexander - I Am Calling Blues; Charlie Pickett - Down The Highway; Bill Jackson - Long Steel Rail; Joe Pullum - Rack It Back And Tell It Right; Jim Thompkins - Bedside Blues; Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band - Mama's Little Sunny Boy; Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - The War Is Over; Big Bill Broonzy - Bricks In My Pillow (1935); Blind Willie McTell - Sending Up My Timber (Take 2); Tampa Red - Keep On Dealin' (Play Your Hand); Tampa Red And Georgia Tom - Dead Cats On The Line; Blind Teddy Darby - Spike Driver; Blind Lemon Jefferson - Long Lonesome Blues; Sonny Terry - Hard Luck Child; Peg Leg Howell - Broke And Hungry Blues; Big Boy Teddy Edwards - I Ain't Gonna Give You None; Memphis Jug Band - Bumble Bee Blues; Bumble Bee Slim - Lost Confidence Blues; Ernie Hawkins - Bluesified; Sam McGee - A Flower From My Angel Mother's Grave; Bill Jazz Gillium - Boar Hog Blues; Peetie Wheatstraw - Baby Lou, Baby Lou; Blind Blake - You Gonna Quit Me Blues; Brownsville Son Bonds - 80 Highway Blues; Barbecue Bob - When The Saints Go Marching In; Charley Patton - Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone; Jesse 'Monkey Joe' Coleman - Taxes On My Pole; Charley Jordan - Stack O'Dollars Blues; Sleepy John Estes - Floating Bridge; 

William Moore - Tillie Lee; Mississippi Sheiks - Livin' In A Strain; Sonny Boy Williamson - Big Apple Blues; Edward Thompson - Florida Bound; Louise Johnson - On The Wall; Henry Thomas - Railroadin' Some (1929); J.D. Short - Telephone Arguin' Blues; Ramblin' Thomas - Lock And Key Blues; Buddy Moss - Insane Blues; Sam Collins - Yellow Dog Blues; Robert Johnson - Love In Vain Blues (Alternate Take); Papa Charlie Jackson - Salt Lake City Blues; Ishman Bracey - Leavin' Town Blues (Take 1); Little Hat Jones - Bye Bye Baby Blues; J.T. "Funny Paper" Smith - Heart Bleeding Blues; Sylvester Weaver - Dad's Blues; Will Batts - Country Woman; Charlie McCoy - Sunset Waltz; Leadbelly - Out On The Western Plains; Frank Stokes - Take Me Back; Bukka White - Strange Place Blues; Lightnin' Hopkins - I Just Don't Care; Roosevelt Scott - Do You Call That Right?; Reverend Gary Davis - Kitty Went A-Courtin'; ...

Floyd 'Dipper Boy' Council - I'm Grievin' And I'm Worryin'; Geechie Wiley & Elvie Thomas - Skinny Leg Blues; Tampa Red - Mean Old Tom Cat Blues; Robert Diggs - Dangerous Slim; Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti - Put And Take; Arthur Weston - Poor Boy Long Way From Home; Big Joe Williams - Worried Man Blues; Pillie Bolling - Shake Me Like A Dog; Willie Reed - Leavin's Home; Curley Weaver - Black Woman; Jack Kelly & His South Memphis Jug Band - Men Fooler Blues; Casey Bill Weldon - Back Door Blues; James "Iron Head" Baker & Group - Black Betty; Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - Fall On Your Knees And Pray; Kokomo Arnold - Jet Black Snake; Memphis Minnie - Bumble Bee; Big Bill Broonzy - Bad Luck Blues (1935); Blind Willie McTell - Kind Mama (1929); Blind Boy Fuller - Death Alley; Bo Carter - Beans; Lonnie Johnson - Guitar Blues; Mance Lipscomb - Motherless Children; Blind Lemon Jefferson - Big Night Blues; Sonny Terry - Glory; Furry Lewis - Good Looking Girl Blues; Scrapper Blackwell - Penal Farm Blues; Picaninny Jug Band - Come Along Little Children; Jaybird Coleman - Man Trouble Blues; Howlin' Wolf - I'm The Wolf; Tommy Johnson - Bye Bye Blues; Dock Boggs - Bright Sunny South; Peg Leg Howell - Rolling Mill Blues; Sam McGee - C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken; Mississippi John Hurt - C.C. Rider; Richard "Rabbit" Brown - Sinking Of The Titanic; Barbecue Bob - It's Just Too Bad; Peetie Wheatstraw - Crapshooter's Blues; Calvin Frazier - Highway 51 Blues; Willie Baker - Sweet Patunia Blues; Charley Jordan - Cherry Wine Woman; Bumble Bee Slim - Wrecked Life Blues; Bobby Grant - Nappy Head Blues; Mississippi Sheiks - Cracking Them Things; Buddy Boy Hawkins - Leavin' Here Blues; Sonny Boy Williamson - Christmas Morning Blues; Charley Patton - Lover My Stuff; Mooch Richardson - Helena Blues; Ramblin' Thomas - Cryin' For You Blues; Buddy Moss - Sleepless Night; Sam Collins - Devil In The Lion's Den; Ed Bell - Tooten' Out Blues; Ishman Bracey - The Four Day Blues (Take 1); Papa Charlie Jackson - Texas Blues; Blind Blake - Bootleg Rum Dum Blues; Sylvester Weaver - Dirty Deal Blues; Josh White - Milk Cow Blues; Pinetop Perkins - Down In Mississippi; Big Al Calhoun - Wake Up Old Maid; Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - Room And Board; Reverend Gary Davis - The Great Change In Me; Ramblin' Thomas - No Job Blues; Fred McMullen - Man Of My Own; Leroy Carr - Papa's On The House Top; Memphis Minnie - Selling My Pork Chops; Blind Willie McTell - Little Delia; Bo Carter - Pussy Cat Blues; Lonnie Johnson - No More Women Blues; Blind Joe Taggart - I Wonder Will My Mother Be On That Train; Georgia Tom - You Got Me In This Mess; Blind Blake - West Coast Blues; Bo Carter - New Auto Blues; Johnnie Head - Fare Thee Blues, Part 1 & 2; ... and more. - SEE RECENTLY PLAYED