Virgil Childers

Virgil Childers, b. 1901 in Blacksburg, SC, d. December 10, 1939 in Shelby, NC, blues musician, who hailed from South Carolina. Little is known of his life.

Childers was born in Blacksburg, South Carolina, and resided there for the duration of his life. Childers recorded six songs for Bluebird Records in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1938. The recordings are a variety of blues songs, pop music of the time, and Tin Pan Alley tunes. Childers played in a ragtime style that is reminiscent of a swing band.

On December 1, 1939, Childers was shot and killed while trying to escape from a police officer in Shelby, North Carolina.

  • "Preacher & The Bear"
  • "Red River Blues"
  • "Somebody Stole My Jane"
  • "Travelin' Man"
  • "Dago Blues"
  • "Who's That Knockin' On My Door"

All recordings were made on January 25, 1938 in Charlotte, NC.