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Kassie Jones (Part 2) by Furry Lewis

Kassie Jones Part 2 - Furry Lewis.
In Spanish tuning.

Casey looked at his water, water was low
Looked at his watch, his watch was slow

On the road again
Natural born eastman on the road again

Lord, there's people tell by the throttle moan
The man at the fire's Mister Casey Jones
Mister Casey Jones

Mister Casey said, before he died
One more road that he wants to ride
People tells Casey, "Which road is he?"
"The Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe
Santa Fe"

This mornin' I heard someone was dyin'
Missus Casey's children on the doorstep cryin'
“Mama, mama, I can't keep from cryin'
Papa got killed on the Southern line
On the Southern line
Papa got killed on the Southern line”

"Mama, mama, how can it be
Killed my father on the first degree"
"Children, children, won’t you hold your breath
Draw another pension from your father's death
From your father's death"

On the road again
I'm a natural born eastman on the road again

Tuesday mornin', it looked like rain
Around the curve came a passenger train
Under the boiler lay Mister Casey Jones
Good old engineer, but he's dead and gone
Dead and gone

On the road again
I'm a natural born eastman on the road again

I left Memphis to spread the news
Memphis women don't wear no shoes
Had it written in the back of my shirt
Natural born eastman don't have to work
Don't have to work
I'm a natural born eastman, don't have to work