Alex Dolgov

Alexander L. Dolgov (born July 31, 1968 in Kharkiv, Ukraine/USSR) blues guitarist, singer, songwriter.

Frontman and founder of the band "Dozhd" ("The Rain"). In 1992 graduated from the school of Foreign Languages of the Kharkiv Karazin National University. He took up the guitar at the age of 10. The first gig of his band, which didn't have a name at that time, took place in 1985. In 1989 in the city of Poznan at a festival "Zaczarowany Swiat Harmoniki" Alexander Dolgov gets noticed by the manager and producer of a Polish blues-band "Nocna Zmiana Bluesa" Grzegorz Grabowski. From that moment on "Dozhd" thank to that Polish relation hardly leave Europe participating in various festivals in Poland, Chech Republic, Germany etc. In 1992 at the festival "Blues in Russia"; "Dozhd" shared the stage with the acknowledged masters of the Moscow blues - Sergei Voronov's "CrossroadZ", Nikolay Arutyunov's "Liga Blyuza" ("League of the Blues") and Alexey "White" Belov's "Udachnoye Priobreteniye" ("The Successful Purchase"). The resulting live record included their cover version of the song by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup "That's All Right". After this "Blues in Russia" festival where Alexander Dolgov and "Dozhd" were the youngest participants. Alexander Dolgov with his unique playing style was acknowledged as one of the best blues guitarists. His unique singing manner and songs also hadn't been overlooked. In 1993 they became the basis for a debut studio record of "Dozhd" called "Blues News" made at Stas Namin's "SNC" studio in Moscow (this record had been reissued in 2007 as Alexander Dolgov & Dozhd "Blues News" CD, "Misteriya Zvuka" MZ-385-4, 2007). In 1994 Alexander Dolgov and "Dozhd" participate in an international "A Step to Parnas" (TV-festival together with Big Brother And The Holding Company, Bonny Tyler, Paul Young. Throughout 1995-96 "Dozhd" appear live on air of the 5th TV-channel of TV SPT show hosted by Maksim Vasylenko as well as in such morning shows of the 1st channel of ORT TRK like "Fresh Wind". In 1997 Alexander Dolgov meets Mick Taylor - the legendary guitar player of "John Mayall's Blues Breakers" and "The Rolling Stones" when they play together at a blues festival "Make Blues Not War" in Kyiv.

Time goes on Alexander L. Dolgov keeps on moving. In 2016 December, he was inducted to the Blues Hall Of Fame ®, nominated by the daughter of the King of Blues B.B. King, Rita King.

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