Fat Mouth by Papa Charlie Jackson

Label: Yazoo Records.
Release Date: 1970.
Release Info: Compilation.

Styles: Country Blues, Pre-War Country Blues.

Yazoo's Fat Mouth is the best overview of Papa Charlie Jackson's best recordings, offering 14 tracks he recorded between 1924 and 1927. While a few important songs didn't make it to this set, most of his very best did, and for many listeners this concise compilation is a preferable alternative to the exhaustive multi-volume Document series. - Review by Thom Owens.

Credits: Papa Charlie Jackson - banjo, composer, guitar, primary artist, ukulele, vocals; Traditional - composer.

Tracks: 1) Up the Way Bound; 2) Shake That Thing; 3) Airy Man Blues; 4) Salty Dog Blues; 5) Coffee Pot Blues; 6) Shave 'Em Dry; 7) I'm Alabama Bound; 8) Drop That Sack; 9) Texas Blues; 10) The Faking Blues; 11) Fat Mouth Blues; 12) She Belongs to Me Blues; 13) Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine; 14) Baby Please Loan Me Your Heart.