Oh My Babe Blues by Ma Rainey

Oh My Babe Blues - Ma Rainey,
Ma Rainey, vocal, accompanied by her Georgia Band, unknown personnel.

Some of these days I'm going to leave my home, oh my babe
Now I know I'm going and it won't be long
If I go, let me go
If I stay, let me stay
Maybe I'll ask, "Let me come back home?"

Tell my dad I won't be home tonight, oh my babe
My heart aches and I'm not treated right
My heart's down, it's a shame
And I just can't call his name
Then I'd ask to let me come back home

Lawdy lawd, have mercy on poor me, oh my babe
Send somebody to let my heart go free
When I go, leave me alone
And I'll stay from my home
Tell my dad I wants to come back home

I'm leavin' now, I'm sorry we have to part, oh my babe
'Cause you tried to break my aching heart
But someday, you will say
Come back home babe someday
Then I'll know my dad wants me back home