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Walkin' Across The Country by Blind Blake

Walkin' Across the Country - Blind Blake,
C position, standard tuning.


Walkin', walkin', talking to myself
Walkin', walkin', talkin' to myself
Wonderin' if I die, would my baby love somebodys else

Sighin' and crying, no, broke down with the blues
Sighin' and cryin, broke down with the blues
My clothes all worn-out, holes all in my shoes

Walkin' 'cross the country, trying to get a stake
Walkin' 'cross the country, tryin' to get a stake
'Cause my baby wants, every cent I make

Tired and hungry, I've been walkin' many days
I'm tired and hungry; I've walked so many days
Wonderin' if my baby would stop her hateful ways

Walkin' 'cross the country, with my head bowed down
Walkin' 'cross the country, with my head bowed down
A woman can sure make a man act like a clown