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Independent Women's Blues, Vol. 4, Sweet Petunias by Various Artists

Label: Rosetta Records.
Release Date: 1986.
Releases: 1994, 1995.
Recording Date: June 20, 1929 - June 5, 1956.

Styles: Early Jazz, Classic Female Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz Blues.

There is a wide variety of vocals on this Rosetta LP which, with one exception (O'Neil Spencer's "Sweet Patootie" with Sidney Bechet), features female singers. Such fine vocalists as June Richmond, Annisteen Allen, Mary Dixon, Etta Jones ("The Richest Guy In The Graveyard"), Monette Moore, Mae West, Stella Johnson, Ella Johnson, Bea Foote, Chippie Hill, Victoria Spivey, the Bandanna Girls, Betty Hall Jones, Helen Humes and Big Mama Thornton perform one song apiece. Most of the recordings are rare and this appealing set, Vol. 4 of Rosetta's Independent Women's Blues series, is easily recommended.
Review by Scott Yanow.

Credits: Annisteen Allen - performer, primary artist; Bandanna Girls - performer, primary artist; Mary Dixon - performer, primary artist; Bea Foote - performer, primary artist; Bertha "Chippie" Hill - performer, primary artist; Helen Humes - performer, primary artist; Ella Johnson - performer, primary artist; Stella Johnson - performer, primary artist; Betty Hall Jones - performer, primary artist; Etta Jones - performer, primary artist; Monette Moore - performer, primary artist; June Richmond - performer, primary artist; O'Neil Spencer - performer, primary artist; Victoria Spivey - performer, primary artist; Big Mama Thornton - performer, primary artist; Mae West - performer, primary artist.

Tracks: 1) Baby Don't You Tell Me No Lie - June Richmond; 2) Baby I'm Doin' It - Annisteen Allen; 3) All Around Mama - Mary Dixon; 4) The Richest Guy In The Graveyard - Etta Jones; 5) You Don't Live Here Anymore - Monette Moore; 6) My Man Friday - Mae West; 7) Don't Come Over - Stella Johnson; 8) Well Do It - Ella Johnson; 9) Try And Get It - Bea Foote; 10) Charleston Blues - Bertha "Chippie" Hill; 11) Sweet Patootie - O'Neil Spencer; 12) Sweet Peas - Victoria Spivey; 13) Part Time Papa - Bandanna Girls; 14) You Got To Have What It Takes - Betty Hall Jones; 15) Living My Life My Way - Helen Humes; 16) Stop Hoppin' On Me - Big Mama Thornton.