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Rabbit On A Log by Lonzie Thomas

Rabbit On A Log - Lonzie Thomas,
Vestapol tuning.
NOTE: Where the guitar is used to finish lines, a dash is used to indicate that.

Ha Lula, Ha Lula

If you don't b'lieve I'm right, come and follow me tonight
I'll made you call your mama ...
'Fore day, 'fore day

Well, that rabbit on the log, I ain't got no rabbit dog
I'm gonna shoot it with my pistol ...
Ah, babe, ah, babe


Ha Lula

Well, I'm get me a sack of flour, I'm gonna cook it every hour
I'm gonna heat that skillet greasy ...
Ah, babe, ah, babe


Well, I'm gwine across to Florida, I'm gon' marry some rich man's daughter
I'm gonna treat her like I oughta ...
I'm gonna set her in the shade, I'm gon' have her dresses made
I'm gonna treat her like I ough ...

Babe, you know, sittin' up on my farm, I got money in my trunk
It ain't nobody's business ...
But mine, but mine


Ha Lula, ah, babe

Well, that jack is on the stump, I ain't got no rabbit dog
I'm gon' shoot him with my pistol ...
Ah, babe