Late One Saturday Evening by Alec Seward

Label: Blue Labor.
Release Date: 1975.
Recording Time: 43 minutes.
Recording Date: 1966.
Release Info: Studio Recording.
Releases: 1996 (Labor Records); 1996 (Blues Alliance); 2008 (CD Baby); 2013 (Fat Possum); January 7, 2014 (Fat Possum Records).

Styles: Country Blues.

Though little known, singer/guitarist Alec Seward was a close friend of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee and a master of acoustic country blues. Sadly, little documentation of his work exists, and Late One Saturday Evening offers a rare chance to take a close look at the Virginia bluesman. This stereo recording, made at a house party in 1966, was never intended for commercial release. It's simply an informal jam session with Seward up front and Terry (harmonica, vocals), McGhee (acoustic guitar, vocals) and washboard player Washboard Doc offering their support. No marketing considerations, no slick producer -- just some very talented friends getting together and having some spontaneous fun. The sound quality is surprisingly good, and Seward's inspired, uninhibited performances prove that he was someone who didn't deserve to be so obscure. - Review by Alex Henderson.

Personnel: Alec Seward - guitar, vocals; Brownie McGhee - guitar, vocals; Sonny Terry - harmonica, vocals; Julia Carr - vocals; Washboard Doc - washboard.

Credits: Julia Carr - vocals; Kent Cooper - producer; Brownie McGhee - guitar, vocals, guest artist; Alec "Guitar Slim" Seward - primary artist, composer, guitar, vocals; Heiner Stadler - producer; Sonny Terry - harmonica, vocals guest artist; Washboard Doc - washboard.

Tracks: 1) What Has Annie Got ?; 2) Risin' Sun Shine On; 3) Her Ways Are So Sweet; 4) C.C. Rider; 5) C.C. Rider # 2; 6) Goin' Down Slow; 7) Rock Me Darlin'; 8) Late One Saturday Evening; 9) Blues All Around My Head; 10) Feel So Good; 11) Blues All Around My Head # 2; 12) Trouble In Mind; 13) Creepin' Blues; 14) Cousin John; 15) I Wish I'd Listened.