Complete Works, Vol. 2 (1928-1929) by Elzadie Robinson

Label: Document Records.
Release Date: July 12, 1994.
Releases: 1994, 2000, 2005.
Recording Time: 68 minutes.
Recording Date: October, 1924 - March, 1929.
Release Info: Compilation Studio Recording.

Styles: Classic Female Blues, Piano Blues.

Featured Artist: Elzadie Robinson.

The final 17 selections (including a previously unreleased alternate take) from the obscure Elzadie Robinson's recording career are on this excellent Document CD. Robinson was a second-level blues singer whose voice seemed to get stronger with time; he is accompanied by pianist Tiny Parham on two numbers and Will Ezell for the other 15. On such selections as "Wicked Daddy," "It's Too Late Now," "Unsatisfied Blues," "Cheatin' Daddy" and "Ain't Got Nobody," Robinson shows that her work should be re-evaluated, for she is quite effective. This CD is rounded off by six alternate versions of songs recorded by the even lesser-known vocalist Lottie Beaman in 1924. Beaman is joined by either the Pruitt Twins (banjoist Milas Pruitt and guitarist Miles Pruitt) or pianist Jimmy Blythe and (on one number) banjoist Papa Charlie Jackson. While Beaman fares well, the reason to acquire this CD is the long-forgotten Elzadie Robinson.
by Scott Yanow

Credits: Lottie Beaman - primary artist, vocals; Jimmy Blythe - guest artist, piano; William Ezell - piano; Papa Charlie Jackson - banjo; Tiny Parham - piano; Johnny Parth - producer; Miles Pruitt - banjo, guitar; Elzadie Robinson - primary artist, vocals; Gerhard Wessely - remastering; John Wilby - liner notes.

Tracks: 1) Pleading misery blues - Elzadie Robinson; 2) Mad blues - Elzadie Robinson; 3) Wicked daddy - Elzadie Robinson; 4) It`s too late now - Elzadie Robinson; 5) Arkansas mill blues - Elzadie Robinson; 6) Gold mansion blues - Elzadie Robinson; 7) Rowdy man blues (take 1) - Elzadie Robinson; 8) Rowdy man blues (take 2) - Elzadie Robinson; 9) Going south blues - Elzadie Robinson; 10) Need my lovin` need my daddy - Elzadie Robinson; 11) Unsatisified blues - Elzadie Robinson; 12) This is your last night with me - Elzadie Robinson; 13) Cheatin` daddy - Elzadie Robinson; 14) My pullman porter man - Elzadie Robinson; 15) Driving me south - Elzadie Robinson; 16) Past and future blues - Elzadie Robinson; 17) Ain`t got nobody - Elzadie Robinson; 18) Regular man blues (take 2) - Lottie Beaman (Kimbrough); 19) Honey blues (take 2) - Lottie Beaman (Kimbrough); 20) Red River blues (take 2) - Lottie Beaman (Kimbrough); 21) Sugar daddy blues (take 2) - Lottie Beaman (Kimbrough); 22) Low down painful blues (take 2) - Lottie Beaman (Kimbrough); 23) Mama can`t lose (take 2) - Lottie Beaman (Kimbrough).