Complete Works, Vol. 1 (1926-1928) by Elzadie Robinson

Label: Document Records.
Release Date: July 12, 1994.
Releases: 1994, 2000, 2005.
Recording Time: 65 minutes.
Recording Date: September, 1926 - May, 1928
Release Info: Compilation Studio Recording.

Styles: Classic Female Blues, Piano Blues.

Featured Artists: Elzadie Robinson.

Elzadie Robinson was never too famous. One of many female classic blues singers in the 1920s who had opportunities to record, Robinson recorded 34 songs from 1926-29; all of those titles plus five alternate takes are included on a pair of Document CDs. Volume 1 has the first 22 performances, counting four alternates). In most cases, the singer is backed by pianist Will Ezell. Two numbers apiece have either pianist Bob Call or guitarist Johnny St. Cyr in Ezell's place. In addition, there are two selections in 1926 with such players as either B.T. Wingfield or Shirley Clay on cornet, Tiny Parham or Richard M. Jones on piano and a couple other players. In 1928, for two versions apiece of "Pay Day Daddy Blues" and "Elzadie's Policy Blues," Robinson is joined by clarinetist Johnny Dodds, guitarist Blind Blake and either pianist Jimmy Blythe or Jimmy Bertrand on xylophone. Elzadie Robinson had an effective voice, although she was not on the same level as the giants of the era; the recording quality of some of these titles (particularly the alternates and earlier titles) is streaky. The best numbers are "Humming Blues," "Houston Bound," "Tick Tock Blues," "The Santa Claus Crave," "St. Louis Cyclone Blues" and the selections with Dodds. Not essential music, but this set should greatly interest vintage blues collectors.
by Scott Yanow

Credits: Jimmy Bertrand - xylophone; Blind Blake - guest artist, guitar, whistle (human); Jimmy Blythe - guest artist; Bob Call - accompaniment, piano; Shirley Clay - accompaniment, cornet; Johnny Dodds - accompaniment, clarinet, guest artist; William Ezell - accompaniment, guest artist, piano; Preston Jackson - trombone; R.J. Jones - piano; Richard M. Jones - piano; Johnny Parth - producer; Elzadie Robinson - composer, primary artist, vocal ad-libs, vocals; Johnny St. Cyr - accompaniment, guitar; Artie Starks - clarinet; Gerhard Wessely - remastering; John Wilby - liner notes.

Tracks: 1) Humming blues; 2) Barrel house man (take 1); 3) Barrel house man (take 2); 4) Sawmill blues (take 1); 5) Sawmill blues (take 2); 6) Houston bound; 7) 2.16 blues (Blanche Johnson); 8) Galveston blues (Blanche Johnson); 9) Troubled with the blues; 10) Baltimore blues; 11) Back door blues; 12) Whiskey blues; 13) Tick tock blues; 14) Hour behind the sun; 15) The Santa Claus crave; 16) St. Louis cyclone blues; 17) You ain`t the last man; 18) Love crazy blues; 19) Pay day daddy blues (20528); 20) Elzadie`s policy blues (20534); 21) Elzadie`s policy blues (20583); 22) Pay day daddy blues (20584).