Complete Recorded Works (1927-1929) by Lillian Glinn

Label: Document Records.
Release Date: June 2, 1994.
Releases: 1994, 2000, 2005.
Recording Time: 67 minutes.
Recording Date: December, 1927 - December, 1929.
Release Info: Compilation Studio Recording.

Styles: Pre-War Country Blues.

Featured Artist: Lillian Glinn.

Document's 22-track collection devoted to blues singer Lillian Glinn faithfully delivers everything listed in her discography, covering an almost exactly two-year period during which she made records in Dallas, Atlanta, and New Orleans with various accompanists. Those whose identities have been established include pianists Willie Tyson and Taylor Flannagan, trumpeter Pete Underwood, guitarist Perry Bechtel, and a fine tuba player named Octave Gaspard, who anchored her first and last recording dates by breathing through his instrument with tremendous strength and control. Gaspard's even-keel basslines were perfectly suited for Glinn's down-to-earth delivery. Born and raised in Dallas, she spent most of her life singing in church. After hooking up with talent scout Hattie Burleson, she took on a secular repertoire and worked the vaudeville blues circuit for a while before chucking the fast life and returning to the religiously disciplined community that was her original extended family. Having all of her work on one disc enables the listener to savor and become familiar with her marvelous delivery. She's probably at her feistiest on "Shake It Down," but even during that number Lillian Glinn was a real old-time Texas blues singer who took her time with each song and communicated exactly what she needed to get across without ever tippy-toeing around. Glinn's music has appeared on several collections amongst other blueswomen and assorted Texas-based musicians, as well as in tandem with her contemporary Mae Glover. Document's complete edition is highly recommended, as it covers Glinn's entire output.
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Credits: Octave Gaspard - double bass; Lillian Glinn - accordion, primary artist, vocals; Paul Oliver - photography; Johnny Parth - compilation producer, producer; Willie Tyson - piano; Gerhard Wessely - remastering; John Wilby - liner notes; Spencer Williams - composer.

Tracks: 1) All alone and blue; 2) Come home daddy; 3) Doggin' me blues; 4) Brown skin blues; 5) The man I love is worth talking about; 6) Best friend blues; 7) Lost letter blues; 8) Packing house blues; 9) Shake it down; 10) Where have all the black men gone?; 11) I'm a front door woman with a back door man; 12) Atlanta blues; 13) All the week blues; 14) Cannon ball blues; 15) Wobble it a little daddy; 16) Black man blues; 17) I'm through (shedding tears over you); 18) I love that thing; 19) Don't leave me daddy; 20) Shreveport blues; 21) Moanin' blues; 22) Cravin' aman blues.