The Great Race Record Labels, Volume 1: Paramount by Various Artists

Label: Catfish Records.
Release Date: September 12, 2000.
Recording Time: 73 minutes.
Release Info: Studio Recording.

Styles: Acoustic Blues, Classic Female Blues, Country Blues, Delta Blues, Pre-War Blues, Pre-War Country Blues, Regional Blues.

This contains several tracks widely regarded as seminal to the Blues genre; indeed, to all western popular music of the past century. Blind Lemon's "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean," for example, and Son House's "Dry Spell Blues. Other gems like the inimitable Blind Blake's "Blind Arthur's Breakdown" and a young Big Bill Broonzy's "Down in the Basement" are wonderful discoveries for someone like myself who has collected for years. The audio is excellent, considering the age of the recordings. Some are "static-y," but most are very listenable. This fabulous music sometimes requires a more "educated palate," to use a dining metaphor.. (I'm about to eat lunch :D); however, for anyone truly interested in the history of "America's Classical Music," I do recommend this. ~ Margaret C. Farrell

Credits: Blind Blake - composer, performer, primary artist; Jimmy Blythe - composer; Ishman Bracey - composer, performer, primary artist; Big Bill Broonzy - composer, guest artist, performer, primary artist; Willie Brown - composer, primary artist; Bumble Bee Slim - composer, performer, primary artist; Gus Cannon - performer, primary artist; Ida Cox - performer, primary artist; Blind Teddy Darby - composer, performer, primary artist; William Ezell - composer, performer, primary artist; Son House - composer, performer, primary artist; Reverend Charlie Jackson - composer; Papa Charlie Jackson - composer, performer, primary artist; Skip James - composer, performer, primary artist; Blind Lemon Jefferson - composer, guest artist, performer, primary artist; Louise Johnson - composer, performer, primary artist; Tommy Johnson - composer, performer, primary artist; Dave Moore - liner notes; William Moore - composer; Charley Patton - composer, guest artist, performer, primary artist; Ma Rainey - composer, guest artist, performer, primary artist; Elzadie Robinson - performer, primary artist; J. Russel Robinson - composer; Henry "Son" Sims - composer, performer, primary artist; Charlie Spand - composer, performer, primary artist; Priscilla Stewart - primary artist; Ramblin' Thomas - composer, performer, primary artist; Traditional - composer; Jabo Williams - composer, performer, primary artist.
Artwork by "Slim" Hugh Harwood.

Tracks: 1) Blind Arthur's Breakdown - Blind Blake; 2) Future Blues - Willie Brown; 3) Dry Spell Blues (Pt.1) - Son House; 4) Salty Dog Blues - Papa Charlie Jackson; 5) Drunken Spree - Skip James; 6) See That My Grave Is Kept Clean - Blind Lemon Jefferson; 7) Little Low Mamma Blues - Ma Rainey; 8) High Water Everywhere (Pt.1) - Charley Patton; 9) Pratt City - Jabo Williams; 10) St.Louis Cyclone Blues - Elzadie Robinson; 11) Mecca Flats - Priscilla Stewart; 12) Farrell Blues - Henry Sims; 13) Soon This Morning Blues - Charlie Spand; 14) Ramblin' Mind Blues - Ramblin' Thomas; 15) Down In The Basement Blues - Big Bill Broonzy; 16) Jake Liquor Blues - Ishman Bracey; 17) Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home - Gus Cannon; 18) Mister Man (Pt.1) - Ida Cox; 19) Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues - Teddy Darby; 20) Off The Wall - Louise Johnson; 21) Honey Bee Blues - Bumble Bee Slim; 22) West Coast Rag - Will Ezell.