Rubin Lacey

Rubin "Rube" Lacey (aka Reverend Rubin Lacy), b. January 2, 1901 in Pelahatchie, MS, d. ca. 1972 in Bakersfield, CA, country blues musician, who played guitar and was a singer and songwriter. Learning guitar and mandolin from the unrecorded George Hendrix as a young man, Lacey moved to Jackson, where he contributed to the musical ideas of Tommy Johnson and Ishman Bracey. In 1927, he recorded a solitary, but outstanding 78 rpm record. Lacey's secular career ended when he became a preacher in 1932, but when rediscovered in 1966 he was a mine of information about both his blues and his preaching careers, and became the chief subject of Alfred Rosenberg's book The Art Of The American Folk Preacher.