Document Shortcuts, Vol. 1, God Don't Like It by Various Artists

Label: Document Records.
Release Date: March 22, 2005.
Recording Time: 58 minutes.
Release Info: Compilation.

Featured Artists: Jesse 'Babyface' Thomas, George Davis, Hall Johnson Choir, Grayson and Whitter, Memphis Jug Band, Big Joe Williams, Hattie Ellis and 'Cowboy' Jack Ramsey, The Three Stripped Gears, Ralph Willis and Brownie McGhee, Elder Charles Beck, Hightower's Night Hawks, Son House, Little Brother Montgomery, Junior Four Quartet, Kirk and Sam McGee, Teddy Bunn, Perline Ellison, Roosevelt Sykes, Elder A. Johnson, Lightnin` Hopkins.

Document Records: Maybe you already know something about Document, maybe (to use a music biz term) you are just “scratching the surface”. Either way, here is a clip, a snippet, an appetizer made up from tracks found within the catalogue. You don’t have to be a collector, worrying about matrix numbers or what colour socks such and such an artist was wearing during his 1953 recording of his big hit “I’m Really Happy Blues”, to appreciate the Shortcuts albums. This music was never recorded to be analysed, it was just for people to dig it, savour it, perhaps to hear it’s message, more than likely dance to it.

Tracks: 1) Another Fool Like Me - Jesse 'Babyface' Thomas; 2) Flesh Crawling Blues - George Davis; 3) Lord, I Can Ride - Hall Johnson Choir; 4) Little Maggie With A Dram Glass In Her Hand - Grayson and Whitter; 5) I Can Beat You Plenty - Memphis Jug Band; 6) Wild Cow Moan - Big Joe Williams; 7) Desert Blues - Hattie Ellis and 'Cowboy' Jack Ramsey; 8) Black bottom Strut - The Three Stripped Gears; 9) Sportin` Life - Ralph Willis and Brownie McGhee; 10) Rock And Roll Sermon, Part 1 - Elder Charles Beck; 11) Boar Hogs Blues - Hightower's Night Hawks; 12) Mister Suzie-Q - Son House; 13) Vicksburg Blues - Little Brother Montgomery; 14) I`m On My Way - Junior Four Quartet; 15) Brown`s Ferry Blues - Kirk and Sam McGee; 16) King Porter Stomp - Teddy Bunn; 17) Razor Totin` Mama - Perline Ellison; 18) Hot Boogie (Too Hot To Handle) - Roosevelt Sykes; 19) God Don`t Like It - Elder A. Johnson; 20) Walkin` The Streets - Lightnin` Hopkins.