Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1934-35) by Joe Pullum

Label: Document Records
Release Date: November 30, 1995
Releases: 1995, 2000, 2005
Recording Time: 78 minutes
Recording Date: April 3, 1934 - August 13, 1935
Compilation Studio Recording

Styles: Country Blues

Featured Artists: Rob Cooper, Joe Pullum.

Joe Pullum was a falsetto voiced blues singer from Houston Texas who recorded extensively in 1934 - 1936, and is best remembered for his major hit, the blues standard "Black Gal". This CD, the first of two volumes of his complete recordings, features Pullum with two excellent Texas pianists of the Santa Fe school, Rob Cooper and Andy Boy. Rob Cooper had a two fisted technique in part influenced by the Harlem stride pianists, while Andy Boy (from Galveston) was a more inventive accompanist. Both pianists draw on such classic Santa Fe pieces as the Ma Grinder in their accompaniments. Pullum's vocal style could be a little cloying, but it is compensated for by the effectiveness of his accompanists. Lovers of Texas piano in particular should get this disc.
by B. D. Tutt

Living Blues (3-4/96, pp.97-98) - " of Texas blues and blues piano will be pleased with the high quality of [this] CD."

Personnel includes: Joe Pullum (vocals); Rob Cooper, Andy Boy (piano).

Credits: Robert Cooper - piano; Johnny Parth - producer; Joe Pullum - composer, primary artist, vocals; Tony Russell - liner notes; Gerhard Wessely - remastering.

Tracks: 1) Black gal what makes your head so hard?; 2) CWA blues; 3) Woman, oh woman; 4) Cows, see that train comin`; 5) Mckinney street stomp; 6) West Dallas drag (rob cooper, piano solo); 7) Black gal what makes your head so hard, no. 2; 8) Black gal, no. 3; 9) Black gal, no. 4; 10) Married woman blues; 11) Rack it back and tell it right; 12) Careful drivin` mama; 13) Mississippi flood blues; 14) West Dallas drag, no. 2 (rob cooper, piano solo); 15) Blues with class; 16) Hard-working man blues; 17) Traveling blues; 18) Bad break blues; 19) Hustler`s blues; 20) I believe in you; 21) Telephone blues; 22) I can`t control myself; 23) Some day; 24) Dixie my home.