Back to the blues roots ... Blind Lemon Jefferson, Skip James, Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Son House, Bessie Smith, Bukka White, Lead Belly, Ma Rainey, Blind Blake, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Mississippi John Hurt, Sleepy John Estes, Big Joe Williams, John Lee Hooker, Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, Kokomo Arnold, Bo Carter, Robert Nighthawk, Blind Willie Johnson, ... and many more.

Dog's Jukebox Schedule on July 2, 2016

Delta & Country Blues Sessions on Blind Dog Radio
Saturday Night at 9pm (Central USA Time)

2016-07-02 pm 09:00:25,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
2016-07-02 pm 09:00:34,MUSIC,Big Al Calhoun,Buy Me An Airplane,00:02:51
2016-07-02 pm 09:03:25,MUSIC,Curley Weaver,Decatur Street 81,00:02:43
2016-07-02 pm 09:06:09,MUSIC,Blind lemon Jefferson,That Black Snake Moan,00:03:03
2016-07-02 pm 09:09:13,MUSIC,Ma Rainey,Those Dogs Of Mine,00:03:01
2016-07-02 pm 09:12:14,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 09:12:16,MUSIC,Blind Willie McTell,Razor Ball (1930),00:03:14
2016-07-02 pm 09:15:00,COMPLETION,Funny Papa Smith (with Willie Lane),Hungry Wolf Blues Part 2,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 09:15:30,MUSIC,Bill Williams,When The Roses Bloom Again,00:03:42
2016-07-02 pm 09:19:13,MUSIC,Will Bennett,Railroad Bill,00:02:56
2016-07-02 pm 09:22:10,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 09:22:12,MUSIC,Big Bill Broonzy,In The Army Now,00:02:41
2016-07-02 pm 09:24:54,MUSIC,Rich & Welly Trice,Pack It Up And Go,00:02:40
2016-07-02 pm 09:27:34,MUSIC,Charley Lincoln,Doodle Hole Blues,00:03:19
2016-07-02 pm 09:30:54,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
2016-07-02 pm 09:31:01,MUSIC,Tampa Red,Sho' Is Hot,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 09:34:12,MUSIC,Lonnie Johnson,Sundown Blues,00:03:02
2016-07-02 pm 09:37:14,MUSIC,Texas Alexander,Double Crossing Blues,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 09:40:24,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 09:40:27,MUSIC,Furry Lewis,Billy Lyons And Stock O'Lee,00:02:31
2016-07-02 pm 09:42:58,MUSIC,Sleepy John Estes,Mailman Blues,00:02:53
2016-07-02 pm 09:45:00,COMPLETION,"Napolean Strickland, Jimmie Buford & R.L. Boyce",When The Saints Go Marching In,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 09:45:52,MUSIC,Sonny Terry,Ham And Eggs,00:03:15
2016-07-02 pm 09:49:07,MUSIC,Bumble Bee Slim,Sail On Little Girl [No.3],00:03:08
2016-07-02 pm 09:52:16,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#3,Can't Be Satitsfied - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:23
2016-07-02 pm 09:52:39,MUSIC,Robert Diggs,"Drink, Drink, Drink",00:02:19
2016-07-02 pm 09:54:59,MUSIC,Mississippi Fred McDowell,John Henry,00:02:54
2016-07-02 pm 09:57:53,MUSIC,Charley Taylor,Heavy Suitcase Blues,00:03:07
2016-07-02 pm 10:01:00,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
2016-07-02 pm 10:01:10,MUSIC,Mary Harris,No Christmas Blues,00:03:05
2016-07-02 pm 10:04:16,MUSIC,Leadbelly,Alberta,00:02:58
2016-07-02 pm 10:07:14,MUSIC,Mance Lipscomb,If I Miss The Train,00:04:04
2016-07-02 pm 10:11:19,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 10:11:21,MUSIC,Buddy Moss,Going To Your Funeral In a Vee Eight Ford,00:03:00
2016-07-02 pm 10:14:22,MUSIC,J.B. Lenoir,Alabama,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 10:15:00,COMPLETION,Papa Charlie Jackson,Mama Don't You Think I Know,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 10:17:33,MUSIC,Blind Boy Fuller,Break Of Day Blues,00:02:45
2016-07-02 pm 10:20:18,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 10:20:20,MUSIC,Robert Johnson,Love In Vain Blues,00:02:24
2016-07-02 pm 10:22:45,MUSIC,Sonny Boy Williamson,Blue Bird Blues,00:03:02
2016-07-02 pm 10:25:47,MUSIC,Big Bill Broonzy,"Down In The Alley, Take 2",00:02:47
2016-07-02 pm 10:28:35,MUSIC,Jesse Thomas,Texas Blues,00:02:49
2016-07-02 pm 10:31:24,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
2016-07-02 pm 10:31:32,MUSIC,Elders McIntorsh And Edwards,The Flood Of 1927,00:03:13
2016-07-02 pm 10:34:45,MUSIC,Bo Carter,Bo Carter's Advice,00:03:09
2016-07-02 pm 10:37:55,MUSIC,Jaybird Coleman,Mill Log Blues,00:02:40
2016-07-02 pm 10:40:35,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 10:40:37,MUSIC,Jazz Gillum,Get Your Business Straight,00:02:48
2016-07-02 pm 10:43:26,MUSIC,Peg Leg Howell And His Gang,Everything's Comin' My Way,00:02:53
2016-07-02 pm 10:45:00,COMPLETION,Bessie Smith,Lonesome Desert Blues,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 10:46:20,MUSIC,Prof Scratchy,Broke Down Engine,00:04:06
2016-07-02 pm 10:50:26,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#4,"Muddy, John Lee & Wolf - Blind Dog Radio",00:00:21
2016-07-02 pm 10:50:47,MUSIC,Jesse 'Monkey Joe' Coleman,Headache Blues,00:02:40
2016-07-02 pm 10:53:28,MUSIC,Butch Cage & Willie B. Thomas,Called For You Yesterday,00:02:16
2016-07-02 pm 10:55:44,MUSIC,Beale Street Sheiks,It's A Good Thing (20044),00:02:56
2016-07-02 pm 10:58:41,MUSIC,Robert Lee McCoy,My Friend Has Forsaken Me,00:03:14
2016-07-02 pm 11:01:56,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
2016-07-02 pm 11:02:05,MUSIC,Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup,Blind Man Sees,00:04:50
2016-07-02 pm 11:06:56,MUSIC,Skip James,Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues,00:02:47
2016-07-02 pm 11:09:43,MUSIC,Lonnie Johnson,Sweet Potato Blues,00:02:56
2016-07-02 pm 11:12:39,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 11:12:42,MUSIC,Big Boy Teddy Edwards,W.P.A. Blues,00:02:55
2016-07-02 pm 11:15:00,COMPLETION,Cephas & Wiggins,Me And My Chauffeur,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 11:15:37,MUSIC,Memphis Jug Band,Gator Wobble,00:02:37
2016-07-02 pm 11:18:14,MUSIC,Mooch Richardson,Low Down Barrel House Blues Part 1,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 11:21:25,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 11:21:28,MUSIC,Reverend Gary Davis,Get Right Church,00:03:54
2016-07-02 pm 11:25:22,MUSIC,Mississippi John Hurt,Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor,00:04:08
2016-07-02 pm 11:29:31,MUSIC,Memphis Minnie,True Love,00:02:58
2016-07-02 pm 11:32:29,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
2016-07-02 pm 11:32:37,MUSIC,Tommy McClennan,Deep Blue Sea Blues,00:02:58
2016-07-02 pm 11:35:35,MUSIC,Sleepy John Estes,Wadie Green Blues,00:02:23
2016-07-02 pm 11:37:58,MUSIC,Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley,C.C. & O. Blues,00:03:03
2016-07-02 pm 11:41:02,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 11:41:04,MUSIC,THE TWO CHARLIES,I Couldn't Stay Here,00:03:16
2016-07-02 pm 11:44:21,MUSIC,Curley Weaver,Sweet Petunia,00:03:17
2016-07-02 pm 11:45:00,COMPLETION,Buddy Moss,Jealous Hearted Man,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 11:47:39,MUSIC,Casey Bill Weldon,Flood Water Blues-No 2 (Take 2),00:03:11
2016-07-02 pm 11:50:50,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#5,Come Down Here For The Blues - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:20
2016-07-02 pm 11:51:11,MUSIC,Ramblin' Thomas,No Job Blues,00:03:08
2016-07-02 pm 11:54:19,MUSIC,Blind Willie McTell,Talkin' To Myself,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 11:57:30,MUSIC,Blind Blake,Sweet Jivin' Mama,00:03:07
2016-07-03 Mn 12:00:38,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
2016-07-03 Mn 12:00:47,MUSIC,Babe Stovall,"Medley, Big Road Blues And Careless Love",00:06:50
2016-07-03 Mn 12:07:37,MUSIC,Bill Gaither,See My Grieve Blues,00:02:45
2016-07-03 Mn 12:10:23,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
2016-07-03 Mn 12:10:26,MUSIC,Bill Jazz Gillum,My Old Lizzie,00:03:20
2016-07-03 Mn 12:13:46,MUSIC,Peetie Wheatstraw,Cake Alley,00:02:59
2016-07-03 Mn 12:15:00,COMPLETION,Sam Collins,Slow Mama Slow,00:01:59,
2016-07-03 Mn 12:16:46,MUSIC,Buddy Boy Hawkins,Jailhouse Fire Blues,00:02:29
2016-07-03 Mn 12:19:15,MUSIC,Garfield Akers,Cottonfield Blues Part 2,00:03:16
2016-07-03 Mn 12:22:31,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
2016-07-03 Mn 12:22:34,MUSIC,Big Bill Broonzy,When I Been Drinking (Album Version),00:03:14
2016-07-03 Mn 12:25:48,MUSIC,Steve James,Talco Girl,00:03:32
2016-07-03 Mn 12:29:21,MUSIC,Peg Leg Howell And His Gang,Georgia Crawl,00:03:15
2016-07-03 Mn 12:32:36,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
2016-07-03 Mn 12:32:44,MUSIC,Walter Davis,Life Boat Blues,00:02:48
2016-07-03 Mn 12:35:32,MUSIC,Cephas & Wiggins,I Saw The Light,00:02:50
2016-07-03 Mn 12:38:23,MUSIC,Scrapper Blackwell,Hard Time Blues,00:02:48
2016-07-03 Mn 12:41:11,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
2016-07-03 Mn 12:41:13,MUSIC,Macon Ed And Tampa Joe,Try That Thing,00:03:18
2016-07-03 Mn 12:44:31,MUSIC,The McCoy Brothers (Charlie & Joe McCoy),Come Over and See Me,00:03:05
2016-07-03 Mn 12:45:00,COMPLETION,Fletcher & Foster,Charlotte Hot Step,00:01:59,
2016-07-03 Mn 12:47:37,MUSIC,Peg Leg Howell,Skin Game Blues,00:03:01
2016-07-03 Mn 12:50:38,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#6,Talking At You - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:16
2016-07-03 Mn 12:50:55,MUSIC,Blind Joe Taggart,I Wish My Mother Was On That Train (-52),00:02:40
2016-07-03 Mn 12:53:36,MUSIC,Robert Pete Williams,What A Shape I'm In,00:05:21
2016-07-03 Mn 12:58:58,MUSIC,Leroy Carr,Blues Before Sunrise 1,00:03:31