Dog's Jukebox Schedule on July 2, 2016

Delta & Country Blues Sessions on Blind Dog Radio
Saturday Night at 9pm (Central USA Time)

2016-07-02 pm 09:00:25,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
2016-07-02 pm 09:00:34,MUSIC,Big Al Calhoun,Buy Me An Airplane,00:02:51
2016-07-02 pm 09:03:25,MUSIC,Curley Weaver,Decatur Street 81,00:02:43
2016-07-02 pm 09:06:09,MUSIC,Blind lemon Jefferson,That Black Snake Moan,00:03:03
2016-07-02 pm 09:09:13,MUSIC,Ma Rainey,Those Dogs Of Mine,00:03:01
2016-07-02 pm 09:12:14,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 09:12:16,MUSIC,Blind Willie McTell,Razor Ball (1930),00:03:14
2016-07-02 pm 09:15:00,COMPLETION,Funny Papa Smith (with Willie Lane),Hungry Wolf Blues Part 2,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 09:15:30,MUSIC,Bill Williams,When The Roses Bloom Again,00:03:42
2016-07-02 pm 09:19:13,MUSIC,Will Bennett,Railroad Bill,00:02:56
2016-07-02 pm 09:22:10,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 09:22:12,MUSIC,Big Bill Broonzy,In The Army Now,00:02:41
2016-07-02 pm 09:24:54,MUSIC,Rich & Welly Trice,Pack It Up And Go,00:02:40
2016-07-02 pm 09:27:34,MUSIC,Charley Lincoln,Doodle Hole Blues,00:03:19
2016-07-02 pm 09:30:54,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
2016-07-02 pm 09:31:01,MUSIC,Tampa Red,Sho' Is Hot,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 09:34:12,MUSIC,Lonnie Johnson,Sundown Blues,00:03:02
2016-07-02 pm 09:37:14,MUSIC,Texas Alexander,Double Crossing Blues,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 09:40:24,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 09:40:27,MUSIC,Furry Lewis,Billy Lyons And Stock O'Lee,00:02:31
2016-07-02 pm 09:42:58,MUSIC,Sleepy John Estes,Mailman Blues,00:02:53
2016-07-02 pm 09:45:00,COMPLETION,"Napolean Strickland, Jimmie Buford & R.L. Boyce",When The Saints Go Marching In,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 09:45:52,MUSIC,Sonny Terry,Ham And Eggs,00:03:15
2016-07-02 pm 09:49:07,MUSIC,Bumble Bee Slim,Sail On Little Girl [No.3],00:03:08
2016-07-02 pm 09:52:16,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#3,Can't Be Satitsfied - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:23
2016-07-02 pm 09:52:39,MUSIC,Robert Diggs,"Drink, Drink, Drink",00:02:19
2016-07-02 pm 09:54:59,MUSIC,Mississippi Fred McDowell,John Henry,00:02:54
2016-07-02 pm 09:57:53,MUSIC,Charley Taylor,Heavy Suitcase Blues,00:03:07
2016-07-02 pm 10:01:00,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
2016-07-02 pm 10:01:10,MUSIC,Mary Harris,No Christmas Blues,00:03:05
2016-07-02 pm 10:04:16,MUSIC,Leadbelly,Alberta,00:02:58
2016-07-02 pm 10:07:14,MUSIC,Mance Lipscomb,If I Miss The Train,00:04:04
2016-07-02 pm 10:11:19,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 10:11:21,MUSIC,Buddy Moss,Going To Your Funeral In a Vee Eight Ford,00:03:00
2016-07-02 pm 10:14:22,MUSIC,J.B. Lenoir,Alabama,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 10:15:00,COMPLETION,Papa Charlie Jackson,Mama Don't You Think I Know,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 10:17:33,MUSIC,Blind Boy Fuller,Break Of Day Blues,00:02:45
2016-07-02 pm 10:20:18,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 10:20:20,MUSIC,Robert Johnson,Love In Vain Blues,00:02:24
2016-07-02 pm 10:22:45,MUSIC,Sonny Boy Williamson,Blue Bird Blues,00:03:02
2016-07-02 pm 10:25:47,MUSIC,Big Bill Broonzy,"Down In The Alley, Take 2",00:02:47
2016-07-02 pm 10:28:35,MUSIC,Jesse Thomas,Texas Blues,00:02:49
2016-07-02 pm 10:31:24,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
2016-07-02 pm 10:31:32,MUSIC,Elders McIntorsh And Edwards,The Flood Of 1927,00:03:13
2016-07-02 pm 10:34:45,MUSIC,Bo Carter,Bo Carter's Advice,00:03:09
2016-07-02 pm 10:37:55,MUSIC,Jaybird Coleman,Mill Log Blues,00:02:40
2016-07-02 pm 10:40:35,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 10:40:37,MUSIC,Jazz Gillum,Get Your Business Straight,00:02:48
2016-07-02 pm 10:43:26,MUSIC,Peg Leg Howell And His Gang,Everything's Comin' My Way,00:02:53
2016-07-02 pm 10:45:00,COMPLETION,Bessie Smith,Lonesome Desert Blues,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 10:46:20,MUSIC,Prof Scratchy,Broke Down Engine,00:04:06
2016-07-02 pm 10:50:26,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#4,"Muddy, John Lee & Wolf - Blind Dog Radio",00:00:21
2016-07-02 pm 10:50:47,MUSIC,Jesse 'Monkey Joe' Coleman,Headache Blues,00:02:40
2016-07-02 pm 10:53:28,MUSIC,Butch Cage & Willie B. Thomas,Called For You Yesterday,00:02:16
2016-07-02 pm 10:55:44,MUSIC,Beale Street Sheiks,It's A Good Thing (20044),00:02:56
2016-07-02 pm 10:58:41,MUSIC,Robert Lee McCoy,My Friend Has Forsaken Me,00:03:14
2016-07-02 pm 11:01:56,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
2016-07-02 pm 11:02:05,MUSIC,Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup,Blind Man Sees,00:04:50
2016-07-02 pm 11:06:56,MUSIC,Skip James,Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues,00:02:47
2016-07-02 pm 11:09:43,MUSIC,Lonnie Johnson,Sweet Potato Blues,00:02:56
2016-07-02 pm 11:12:39,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 11:12:42,MUSIC,Big Boy Teddy Edwards,W.P.A. Blues,00:02:55
2016-07-02 pm 11:15:00,COMPLETION,Cephas & Wiggins,Me And My Chauffeur,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 11:15:37,MUSIC,Memphis Jug Band,Gator Wobble,00:02:37
2016-07-02 pm 11:18:14,MUSIC,Mooch Richardson,Low Down Barrel House Blues Part 1,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 11:21:25,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 11:21:28,MUSIC,Reverend Gary Davis,Get Right Church,00:03:54
2016-07-02 pm 11:25:22,MUSIC,Mississippi John Hurt,Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor,00:04:08
2016-07-02 pm 11:29:31,MUSIC,Memphis Minnie,True Love,00:02:58
2016-07-02 pm 11:32:29,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
2016-07-02 pm 11:32:37,MUSIC,Tommy McClennan,Deep Blue Sea Blues,00:02:58
2016-07-02 pm 11:35:35,MUSIC,Sleepy John Estes,Wadie Green Blues,00:02:23
2016-07-02 pm 11:37:58,MUSIC,Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley,C.C. & O. Blues,00:03:03
2016-07-02 pm 11:41:02,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
2016-07-02 pm 11:41:04,MUSIC,THE TWO CHARLIES,I Couldn't Stay Here,00:03:16
2016-07-02 pm 11:44:21,MUSIC,Curley Weaver,Sweet Petunia,00:03:17
2016-07-02 pm 11:45:00,COMPLETION,Buddy Moss,Jealous Hearted Man,00:01:59,
2016-07-02 pm 11:47:39,MUSIC,Casey Bill Weldon,Flood Water Blues-No 2 (Take 2),00:03:11
2016-07-02 pm 11:50:50,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#5,Come Down Here For The Blues - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:20
2016-07-02 pm 11:51:11,MUSIC,Ramblin' Thomas,No Job Blues,00:03:08
2016-07-02 pm 11:54:19,MUSIC,Blind Willie McTell,Talkin' To Myself,00:03:10
2016-07-02 pm 11:57:30,MUSIC,Blind Blake,Sweet Jivin' Mama,00:03:07
2016-07-03 Mn 12:00:38,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
2016-07-03 Mn 12:00:47,MUSIC,Babe Stovall,"Medley, Big Road Blues And Careless Love",00:06:50
2016-07-03 Mn 12:07:37,MUSIC,Bill Gaither,See My Grieve Blues,00:02:45
2016-07-03 Mn 12:10:23,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
2016-07-03 Mn 12:10:26,MUSIC,Bill Jazz Gillum,My Old Lizzie,00:03:20
2016-07-03 Mn 12:13:46,MUSIC,Peetie Wheatstraw,Cake Alley,00:02:59
2016-07-03 Mn 12:15:00,COMPLETION,Sam Collins,Slow Mama Slow,00:01:59,
2016-07-03 Mn 12:16:46,MUSIC,Buddy Boy Hawkins,Jailhouse Fire Blues,00:02:29
2016-07-03 Mn 12:19:15,MUSIC,Garfield Akers,Cottonfield Blues Part 2,00:03:16
2016-07-03 Mn 12:22:31,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
2016-07-03 Mn 12:22:34,MUSIC,Big Bill Broonzy,When I Been Drinking (Album Version),00:03:14
2016-07-03 Mn 12:25:48,MUSIC,Steve James,Talco Girl,00:03:32
2016-07-03 Mn 12:29:21,MUSIC,Peg Leg Howell And His Gang,Georgia Crawl,00:03:15
2016-07-03 Mn 12:32:36,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
2016-07-03 Mn 12:32:44,MUSIC,Walter Davis,Life Boat Blues,00:02:48
2016-07-03 Mn 12:35:32,MUSIC,Cephas & Wiggins,I Saw The Light,00:02:50
2016-07-03 Mn 12:38:23,MUSIC,Scrapper Blackwell,Hard Time Blues,00:02:48
2016-07-03 Mn 12:41:11,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
2016-07-03 Mn 12:41:13,MUSIC,Macon Ed And Tampa Joe,Try That Thing,00:03:18
2016-07-03 Mn 12:44:31,MUSIC,The McCoy Brothers (Charlie & Joe McCoy),Come Over and See Me,00:03:05
2016-07-03 Mn 12:45:00,COMPLETION,Fletcher & Foster,Charlotte Hot Step,00:01:59,
2016-07-03 Mn 12:47:37,MUSIC,Peg Leg Howell,Skin Game Blues,00:03:01
2016-07-03 Mn 12:50:38,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#6,Talking At You - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:16
2016-07-03 Mn 12:50:55,MUSIC,Blind Joe Taggart,I Wish My Mother Was On That Train (-52),00:02:40
2016-07-03 Mn 12:53:36,MUSIC,Robert Pete Williams,What A Shape I'm In,00:05:21
2016-07-03 Mn 12:58:58,MUSIC,Leroy Carr,Blues Before Sunrise 1,00:03:31