C & O Excursion by Frank Hutchison

C & O Excursion - Frank Hutchison,

Excursion train is standin' on the shed, a-gettin' up steam, a-waitin' for orders. Everybody's loadin' up and wavin' their glad hands good-bye.

He's ready to go, he calls in his flagman.

Flagman said, "Go ahead." Ev'ything was all right. He answered him, two whistles, ev'ybody hollered and train pulled out.

Come the Big Bend Tunnel, you can tell when they's goin' through the Tunnel.

Get through the Tunnel, on the other side he hits a hard grade to pull. You can tell when he's goin' up that mountain.

Now at the top of the mountain, when he gets on top, he shuts off and coast down other side. Something gets on the road, goin' down the mountain.

Ev'ybody made it safe.