John Ginty – Bad News Travels | DVD Review

John Ginty – Bad News Travels
12 tracks

by STEVE JONES. If you are an organ fan then this DVD is for you. With this recording I must say that with this album and now a DVD, Ginty may be to the blues what Keith Emerson was to rock. He adds a variety of effort, from huge and over the top solos that leave one exhausted and gasping for air when he’s done to thoughtful and soulful stuff. He is quite the keyboard player, using his B3 and other keys with aplomb! Backed by a solid band and a cast of all-star musicians, Ginty goes high energy in this live recording with an audience in the studio. He does all the tunes off his album Bad News Travels in this first recording as part of the Live at Showcase Studios Concert Series. Located in Dover, NJ, the studio has a great sound and the musicians feed off each other, the great sound and the crowd listening in. READ MORE