Back to the blues roots ... Blind Lemon Jefferson, Skip James, Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Son House, Bessie Smith, Bukka White, Lead Belly, Ma Rainey, Blind Blake, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Mississippi John Hurt, Sleepy John Estes, Big Joe Williams, John Lee Hooker, Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, Kokomo Arnold, Bo Carter, Robert Nighthawk, Blind Willie Johnson, ... and many more.

Dog's Jukebox Schedule on June 25, 2016

Delta & Country Blues Sessions on Blind Dog Radio
Saturday Night at 9pm (Central USA Time)

pm 09:00:03,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
pm 09:00:12,MUSIC,Frank Stokes,Blues In 'D',00:02:38
pm 09:02:51,MUSIC,Sampson Pittman,Welfare Blues,00:02:38
pm 09:05:30,MUSIC,Buddy Moss,Talking About My Time,00:02:56
pm 09:08:26,MUSIC,Leadbelly,My Friend Blind Lemon,00:02:59
pm 09:11:25,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
pm 09:11:27,MUSIC,Mississippi Sheiks,Winter Time Blues,00:03:20
pm 09:14:48,MUSIC,Skip James,What Am I Gonna Do Blues,00:03:00
pm 09:15:00,COMPLETION,Lightnin' Hopkins,Sad News From Korea,00:01:59,
pm 09:17:49,MUSIC,Peetie Wheatstraw,I'm Gonna Cut Out Everything,00:02:54
pm 09:20:43,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
pm 09:20:46,MUSIC,Sam Collins,Slow Mama Slow,00:03:03
pm 09:23:49,MUSIC,Roosevelt Scott,Suitcase Blues,00:02:49
pm 09:26:38,MUSIC,Robert Pete Williams,Freed Again,00:04:59
pm 09:31:37,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
pm 09:31:45,MUSIC,Charley Jordan,My 'Lovin' Good' Blues,00:02:49
pm 09:34:34,MUSIC,Bessie Smith,Lonesome Desert Blues,00:03:23
pm 09:37:58,MUSIC,Mooch Richardson,Low Down Barrel House Blues Part 2,00:03:09
pm 09:41:07,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
pm 09:41:09,MUSIC,Ma Rainey,Dead Drunk Blues,00:02:49
pm 09:43:59,MUSIC,Casey Bill Weldon,Did You Mean What You Said,00:03:05
pm 09:45:00,COMPLETION,Hayes Shepherd,The Peddler And His Wife,00:01:59,
pm 09:47:04,MUSIC,Kokomo Arnold,Sundown Blues,00:02:42
pm 09:49:46,MUSIC,Memphis Minnie,Fish Man Blues. Take 3,00:02:50
pm 09:52:37,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#3,Can't Be Satitsfied - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:23
pm 09:53:00,MUSIC,Blind Joe Reynolds,Nehi Blues,00:03:11
pm 09:56:11,MUSIC,Tommie Bradley,Window Pane Blues,00:03:15
pm 09:59:27,MUSIC,Charlie McCoy,Times Ain't What They Used To Be,00:03:23
pm 10:02:50,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
pm 10:03:00,MUSIC,Mattie Delaney,Down The Big Road Blues,00:03:11
pm 10:06:12,MUSIC,Papa Charlie Jackson,Mama Don't You Think I Know,00:02:52
pm 10:09:04,MUSIC,Little Hat Jones,Corpus Blues,00:03:12
pm 10:12:17,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
pm 10:12:19,MUSIC,Frank Tannehill,Door Bell Blues,00:03:04
pm 10:15:00,COMPLETION,Fletcher & Foster,Charlotte Hot Step,00:01:59,
pm 10:15:24,MUSIC,Tampa Red & Big Maceo,Let's Try Again,00:02:56
pm 10:18:20,MUSIC,Bo Carter,Santa Claus,00:03:11
pm 10:21:32,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
pm 10:21:35,MUSIC,Lead Belly,My Friend Blind Lemon,00:03:03
pm 10:24:38,MUSIC,Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup,Long Curly Mane,00:03:53
pm 10:28:32,MUSIC,John Jackson,Rattle Snakin' Daddy,00:02:34
pm 10:31:07,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
pm 10:31:14,MUSIC,Robert Johnson,Kindhearted Woman Blues (Alternate Take),00:02:30
pm 10:33:44,MUSIC,Marshall Owens,Texas Blues,00:03:16
pm 10:37:01,MUSIC,Ernie Hawkins,Slow Drag,00:03:48
pm 10:40:49,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
pm 10:40:52,MUSIC,Robert Lee McCoy,"Take It Easy, Baby",00:02:30
pm 10:43:23,MUSIC,Blind Teddy  Darby,Pokino Blues,00:02:57
pm 10:45:00,COMPLETION,Sleepy John Estes,Wadie Green Blues,00:01:59,
pm 10:46:20,MUSIC,Casey Bill Weldon,No Good Woman,00:01:47
pm 10:48:08,MUSIC,Leroy Carr,Carried Water For The Elephant,00:03:04
pm 10:51:13,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#4,"Muddy, John Lee & Wolf - Blind Dog Radio",00:00:21
pm 10:51:34,MUSIC,Jaybird Coleman,You Heard Me Whistle (Oughta Know My Blow),00:03:06
pm 10:54:41,MUSIC,Walter Taylor,Broadcasting Blues,00:02:52
pm 10:57:34,MUSIC,Ramblin' Thomas,Hard Dallas Blues,00:03:00
pm 11:00:34,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
pm 11:00:44,MUSIC,Taylor's Kentucky Boys,Gray Eagle,00:02:35
pm 11:03:19,MUSIC,Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti,My Honey's Lovin' Arms,00:03:05
pm 11:06:24,MUSIC,Funny Papa Smith (with Willie Lane),Hungry Wolf Blues Part 2,00:02:48
pm 11:09:13,MUSIC,Texas Sheiks,"Don't Sell It, Don't Give It Away",00:02:30
pm 11:11:44,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
pm 11:11:46,MUSIC,Blind Roosevelt Graves,Guitar Boogie,00:02:52
pm 11:14:39,MUSIC,Mississippi Fred McDowell,Louise,00:03:25
pm 11:15:00,COMPLETION,Johnny Temple,The Sun Goes Down In Blood,00:01:59,
pm 11:18:04,MUSIC,Bumble Bee Slim,Yo Yo String Blues,00:03:24
pm 11:21:28,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
pm 11:21:31,MUSIC,Leadbelly,TB Blues,00:03:07
pm 11:24:38,MUSIC,Robert Petway,Catfish Blues,00:02:50
pm 11:27:29,MUSIC,Furry Lewis,Hurry Furry Blues,00:03:12
pm 11:30:41,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
pm 11:30:49,MUSIC,Charlie 'Specks' McFadden,People People,00:02:39
pm 11:33:28,MUSIC,Howard Armstrong,Sittin' On Top Of The World,00:03:20
pm 11:36:48,MUSIC,Bill Gaither,Tired Of Your Line Of Jive,00:02:43
pm 11:39:32,MUSIC,Blind Willie McTell,My Baby's Gone,00:02:50
pm 11:42:23,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
pm 11:42:25,MUSIC,Blind Blake,Hookworm Blues,00:02:55
pm 11:45:00,COMPLETION,The Two Charlies,I Couldn't Stay Here,00:01:59,
pm 11:45:20,MUSIC,Buddy Moss,Unkind Woman,00:02:51
pm 11:48:12,MUSIC,Lonnie Johnson,Away Down In The Alley Blues,00:02:48
pm 11:51:01,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#5,Come Down Here For The Blues - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:20
pm 11:51:22,MUSIC,Sonny Boy Williamson,Life Time Blues,00:02:44
pm 11:54:06,MUSIC,Charley Jordan,Tough Times Blues,00:02:57
pm 11:57:03,MUSIC,Papa Charlie Jackson,She Belongs To Me Blues,00:02:44
pm 11:59:48,MUSIC,Cannon's Jug Stompers,Madison Street Rag,00:03:09
mn 12:02:58,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,Crossroad Intro,00:00:09
mn 12:03:07,MUSIC,Julius Daniels,My Mama Was A Sailor,00:03:22
mn 12:06:30,MUSIC,Scott Dunbar,Vicksburg Blues,00:06:20
mn 12:12:50,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog's Blues,00:00:02
mn 12:12:52,MUSIC,Mississippi John Hurt,A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight,00:02:37
mn 12:15:00,COMPLETION,Jazz Gillum,Get Your Business Straight,00:01:59,
mn 12:15:30,MUSIC,Big Bill Broonzy,Guitar Rag Blues,00:02:53
mn 12:18:23,MUSIC,Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band,She's In The Graveyard Now,00:02:42
mn 12:21:06,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog Radio #1,00:00:02
mn 12:21:08,MUSIC,Luke Jordan,Church Bells Blues #1,00:03:15
mn 12:24:24,MUSIC,Jack Kelly & His South Memphis Jug Band,Flower Blues,00:02:31
mn 12:26:56,MUSIC,J.B. Lenoir,Vietnam Blues,00:03:02
mn 12:29:58,MUSIC,Barbecue Bob,She Shook Her Gin,00:03:10
mn 12:33:09,PROMO,Blind Dog Radio,The Blues Classics,00:00:07
mn 12:33:17,MUSIC,Reverend Gary Davis,Lord I Feel Just Like Goin' On,00:03:29
mn 12:36:46,MUSIC,Blind Boy Fuller,Black Bottom Blues,00:02:29
mn 12:39:16,MUSIC,Virgil Childers,Red River Blues,00:02:51
mn 12:42:07,JINGLE,Blind Dog Radio,Blind Dog: the Blues Radio,00:00:02
mn 12:42:10,MUSIC,The McCoy Brothers (Charlie & Joe McCoy),Back Door,00:02:59
mn 12:45:00,COMPLETION,Guitar Slim & Jelly Belly,You're My Honey,00:01:59,
mn 12:45:09,MUSIC,Floyd County Ramblers,The Story Of Freda Bolt,00:03:34
mn 12:48:44,MUSIC,Charlie Spand,Levee Camp Man,00:01:33
mn 12:50:17,PROMO,Watermelon's Intro#6,Talking At You - Blind Dog Radio,00:00:16
mn 12:50:34,MUSIC,Joseph Spence,Jump in the Line,00:05:38
mn 12:56:12,MUSIC,Mance Lipscomb,Is You Gonna Quit Me Baby,00:02:58
mn 12:59:11,MUSIC,Charlie Patton,Prayer Of Death Part 2,00:02:47