Complete Works in Chronological Order, Vol. 3 (1937) by Lil Johnson (feat. Barrel House Annie)

Label: Document Records
Release Date: February 15, 1995
Releases: 1995, 2005
Recording Time: 70 minutes
Recording Date: March 3, 1937 - December 29, 1937

Styles: Acoustic Chicago Blues, Classic Female Blues, Piano Blues, Regional Blues

This CD has the final 20 recordings by the good-time hokum/blues singer Lil Johnson, including eight performances that were previously unreleased. It seems strange, considering how much she recorded, that virtually nothing is known about her. Backed by a variety of partly unknown combos (with Black Bob, Aletha Robinson, or Blind John Davis mostly on piano), Johnson digs into such risque numbers as "You Stole My Cherry," "Take Your Hand Off It," and "Snake in the Grass." Her very last recording, "Buck Naked Blues," was released for the first time on this CD, and it is taken from a private acetate that might have been from the early 1940s. Wrapping up this CD are four numbers (two previously unreleased) by the equally unknown Barrel House Annie, whose identity has never been established but whose style is complementary to Lil Johnson's. Vintage blues collectors will want this enjoyable music.
by Scott Yanow

Credits: Barrel House Annie - accordion, vocals; Barrel House Annie - primary artist; Dave Bartholomew - composer; Black Bob - piano; Big Bill Broonzy - guitar; Blind John Davis - piano; Aletha Dickerson - piano; Althea Dickerson - piano; Willie Dixon - composer; Fats Domino - composer; Black Bob Hudson - piano; Lil Johnson - accordion, composer, primary artist, vocals; Arnett Nelson - clarinet; Johnny Parth - producer; Aletha Robinson - piano; Aletha Robinson - piano; Howard Rye - liner notes; Gerhard Wessely - remastering; Fred Williams - bass, drums, drums (snare).

Tracks: 1) You Stole My Cherry - Lil Johnson; 2) I'm A Sales Lady - Lil Johnson; 3) Take It Easy Greasy No. 2 - Lil Johnson; 4) Stavin' Chain (That Rockin' Swing) (Take 1) - Lil Johnson; 5) Stavin' Chain (That Rockin' Swing) (Take 2) - Lil Johnson; 6) Take Your Hand Off It - Lil Johnson; 7) Bucket's Got A Hole In It - Lil Johnson; 8) Mellow Stuff - Lil Johnson; 9) When Can I Get It - Lil Johnson; 10) Love Thief - Lil Johnson; 11) Broken-Hearted Blues (Take 1) - Lil Johnson; 12) Broken-Hearted Blues (Take 2) - Lil Johnson; 13) Down At The Old Village Store - Lil Johnson; 14) You Lied Your Last Time - Lil Johnson; 15) Ain't That A Shame - Lil Johnson; 16) Snake In The Grass - Lil Johnson; 17) You Can't Throw Me Down - Lil Johnson; 18) So Long Babe, I'm Gone - Lil Johnson; 19) When Your Troubles Are Like Mine - Lil Johnson; 20) Buck Naked Blues - Lil Johnson; 21) If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It) - Barrel House Annie; 22) Love Operation - Barrel House Annie; 23) Ain't Gonna Give It Away - Barrel House Annie; 24) Must Get Mine In Front - Barrel House Annie.