Complete Works in Chronological Order, Vol. 2 (1936-1937) by Lil Johnson

Label: Document Records
Release Date:  February 15, 1995
Releases: 1995, 2000, 2005
Recording Time: 71 minutes
Recording Date: 1936 - 1937

Styles: Acoustic Chicago Blues, Classic Female Blues, Piano Blues, Regional Blues

The good-time blues and hokum singer Lil Johnson sounds typically exuberant and full of double-entendres on the 24 selections heard on this second of three CDs of her complete work. Accompanied by combos that sometimes include clarinetist Arnett Nelson, Lee Collins, or Alfred Bell on trumpet, usually pianist Black Bob, Bill Settles or John Lindsay on bass, and occasional guest guitarist Big Bill Broonzy, along with other unknown musicians, Johnson sometimes goes a bit over the line in her sexual innuendoes, which is why the two versions of "My Baby (Squeeze Me Again)" were never released previously. The music may overall be limited in subject matter and chord structures, but it is consistently fun and spirited.
by Scott Yanow

Credits: Alfred Bell - trumpet; Big Bill Broonzy - guitar; Lee Collins - trumpet; Chick Endor - composer; Charlie Farrell - composer; Myrtle Jenkins - piano; Lil Johnson - composer, primary artist, vocals; John Lindsay - bass; Arnett Nelson - clarinet; Johnny Parth - composer, producer; Bill Settles - bass; J.H. Shayne - piano; Fats Waller - composer; Gerhard Wessely - remastering.

Tracks: 1) My Stove's In Good Condition; 2) Scuffling Woman Blues; 3) Murder In The First Degree; 4) Two Timin' Man; 5) Was I?; 6) Hottest Gal In Town; 7) Let's Get Drunk And Truck; 8) Black And Evil Blues; 9) You're Just A Cream Puff (You Can't Take It); 10) Can't Read, Can't Write; 11) Ramblin' Man Blues; 12) Crazy About My Rider (Take 1); 13) Crazy About My Rider (Take 2); 14) I'll Take You To The Cleaners (Take 1); 15) I'll Take You To The Cleaners (Take 2); 16) If You Don't Give Me What I Want; 17) Grandpa Said "Let's Suzie-Q"; 18) New Shave 'Em Dry; 19) River Hip Papa; 20) Goofer Dust Swing; 21) Meat Balls; 22) My Baby (Squeeze Me Again) (Take 1); 23) My Baby (Squeeze Me Again) (Take 2); 24) Come And Get It.