Boogie Beasts – Come And Get Me | Album Review

Boogie Beasts - Come and Get Me
CD: 11 Songs; 41:22 Minutes       
Styles: “Punk Blues,” Contemporary Electric Blues Rock, Hard Rock

by RAINEY WETNIGHT. What is “Punk Boogie”? It’s no secret that this magazine’s favorite topic has been mixed with rock, country, folk, jazz, and soul, but punk? That’s a new one, at least according to yours truly. Also new are a debut band from Belgium, Boogie Beasts, and their album Come and Get Me. Featuring eleven original songs, no one will be able to say this CD is derivative or cookie-cutter. Not only do they not sound like traditional blues artists, but they also don’t sound like traditional punk bands. Albert Collins and Mud Morganfield would be hard-pressed to recognize them as fellow genre artists. So would Green Day, the Clash and the Ramones. The Boogie Beasts’ music is absolutely unique – perhaps too unique for some listeners. It lacks any sense of structure, lyrical flow, or instrumental balance. Everything is all the way ON and UP, all the time. READ MORE