Alan Paul – One Way Out | Book Review

One Way Out - The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band
Written by Alan Paul
St. Martin’s Press
438 pages

by MARK THOMPSON. One would have to think long and hard about embarking on a daunting task, especially when that task is chronicling the forty-five year legacy of a truly iconic rock band.  Thankfully, Alan Paul was up to the challenge. Over his years as a senior writer with Guitar World magazine, the author conducted countless interviews with people involved with all of the different aspects of the Allman Brothers Band – from the four surviving original members to producers, management, road crew, and various musicians including those who were part of the fluctuating line-up over the years.The author supplies the narrative thread starting with the formative days in Daytona Beach, FL where Duane and Gregg grew up after the family moved from Nashville. What makes the book special is that Paul uses quotes from his various sources to flesh out the narrative, letting the people who were actually there tell the story in their own words.  When people have different recollections about a certain time period or a specific moment in time, Paul includes the differing points of views and lets the reader form opinions on what really transpired.  It is a fair approach that works well, particularly when it comes time to detail the bitter parting- of-the-ways the band had with founding member Dickey Betts. READ MORE