Ron Levy – Tales Of A Road Dog | Book Review

Ron Levy – Tales of a Road Dog – The Lowdown Along The Blues Highway
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512 pages

by RHYS WILLIAMS. What can one say about Ron Levy? The man has been amongst the foremost musicians, songwriters, arrangers and producers of the blues world over the last 40+ years.  He played piano and organ with B.B. King for seven years, Albert King for 18 months, Roomful of Blues for four years and many others besides. He was the in-house producer and/or backing musician on many of the great Black Top, Rounder and Bullseye Blues records in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as releasing a number of his own solo efforts under the Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom banner (his first now out of print album remains one of the unheralded modern classics). Levy has now published his first book, Tales of a Road Dog, which is part-autobiography and part-anecdotal record of the surprising number of blues legends whose paths have crossed with his. READ MORE