Featured Interview – Terry “Harmonica” Bean

by TERRY MULLINS. You can call him old-fashioned. You can tell him that he’s stuck in his ways or that he’s living in the past. That doesn’t bother bluesman Terry ‘Harmonica’ Bean one little bit. Instead of taking such talk as a slight or as a putdown, Bean prefers to embrace it, wearing it almost like a badge of honor. “People always say, ‘Man, you think a lot of your grandparents, don’t you?’ And I do. I live off a lot of the stuff that they told me. People want to call it old-fashioned or something and I say, ‘Look, you can call it what you want, but I still use a lot of the mentality that they taught to me,’” he said. “That’s what works for me and it always has. We (people today) really don’t know how good we’ve got it and what all our parents had to go through to make sure we do have it good these days.” READ MORE