Complete Recorded Works, Vols. 1-4 by Kokomo Arnold

Label: Document Records.
Release Date: 1991.
Recording Date: May 17, 1930 - May 12, 1938.

Styles: Acoustic Blues, Acoustic Chicago Blues, Regional Blues.

The four-volume set Complete Recorded Works contains all the material slide guitarist Kokomo Arnold recorded during the '30s. Arnold was one of the most distinctive and influential blues singers of the decade, but his most essential material is compiled on Yazoo's single-disc Bottleneck Guitar of the '30s. That leaves this multi-disc set -- which is available in four separate volumes -- as the province of historians and completists. For those listeners, Complete Recorded Works is invaluable, featuring a wealth of rare, unreleased material, including several alternate takes. However, casual fans -- and listeners that have only a curiousity about solo acoustic blues -- will find that Yazoo's compilation is preferable. ~ Thom Owens

Credits: Kokomo Arnold - guitar, primary artist, vocals.

Tracks, Vol.1: 1) Rainy Night Blues; 2) Paddlin' Madeline Blues; 3) Milk Cow Blues; 4) Old Original Kokomo Blues; 5) Back to the Woods; 6) Sagefield Woman Blues; 7) Old Black Cat Blues (Jinx Blues); 8) Sissy Man Blues; 9) Front Door Blues; 10) Back Door Blues; 11) The Twelves (Dirty Dozens); 12) Feels So Good; 13) Milk Cow Blues, No. 2; 14) Biscuit Roller Blues; 15) Slop Jar Blues; 16) Black Annie; 17) Chain Gang Blues; 18) Monday Morning Blues; 19) How Long, How Long Blues; 20) Things 'Bout Coming My Way; 21) You Should Not A' Done It; 22) Lonesome Southern Blues; 23) Black Money Blues; 24) Hobo Blues.

Tracks, Vol.2: 1) Southern Railroad Blues; 2) Bo Weavil Blues; 3) Busy Bootin'; 4) Let Your Money Talk; 5) Cause You're Dirty; 6) Tonic Head Blues; 7) Policy Wheel Blues (90044); 8) Traveling Rambler Blues; 9) Stop, Look and Listen; 10) Doin' the Doopididy; 11) The Mule Laid Down and Died; 12) Big Leg Mama (John Russell Blues); 13) Milk Cow Blues - No. 3; 14) Milk Cow Blues - No. 4; 15) Down and Out Blues; 16) Model "T" Woman Blues; 17) Jet Black Snake Blues (with Roosevelt Sykes); 18) I'll Be Up Someday; 19) I Can't Get Enough of That Stuff; 20) Desert Blues; 21) Bull Headed Woman Blues; 22) Sundown Blues; 23) The Honey Dripper (with Roosevelt Sykes).

Tracks, Vol.3: 1) Grass Cutter Blues (with Alice Moore); 2) Telephone Blues (with Alice Moore); 3) Dark Angel (with Alice Moore); 4) Money Tree Man (with Alice Moore); 5) Delmar Avenue (with Signifying Mary Johnson); 6) I'm Going Fishing Too (with Alice Moore); 7) Three Men (with Alice Moore); 8) Shake That Thing; 9) Try Some Of That (with Oscar's Chicago Swingers); 10) My Gal's Been Foolin' Me (with Oscar's Chicago Swingers); 11) Running Drunk Again; 12) Coffin Blues; 13) Lonesome Road Blues; 14) Mister Charlie; 15) Backfence Picket Blues; 16) Fool Man Blues; 17) Long And Tall; 18) Salty Dog; 19) Cold Winter Blues; 20) Sister Jane Cross The Hall; 21) Wild Water Blues; 22) Laugh And Grin Blues.

Tracks, Vol.4: 1) Mean Old Twister; 2) Red Beans And Rice; 3) Set Down Gal; 4) Big Ship Blues; 5) Crying Blues; 6) Grandpa Got Drunk; 7) Black Mattie; 8) Neck Bone Blues; 9) Buddie Brown Blues (Rolling Time); 10) Rocky Road Blues; 11) Head Cuttin' Blues; 12) Broke Man Blues; 13) Back On The Job; 14) Shine On, Moon (Shine On, Shine On); 15) Your Ways And Actions; 16) Tired Of Runnin' From Door To Door; 17) My Well Is Dry; 18) Midnight Blues; 19) Goin' Down In Galilee (Swing Along With Me); 20) Bad Luck Blues; 21) Kid Man Blues; 22) Somethings' Hot.