The Essential by Kokomo Arnold

Label: Classic Blues
Release Date: July 10, 2001
Releases: 2001, 2003
Recording Time: 108 minutes
Recording Date: 1934 - 1938

Styles: Acoustic Chicago Blues, Regional Blues, Acoustic Blues, Pre-War Blues, Slide Guitar Blues

Singing slide guitarist Kokomo Arnold (1901-1968) left a substantial quantity of blues recordings for posterity as primary artist, accompanist, and session man. When in the '90s Document reissued 91 chronologically arranged titles in four volumes as his "complete recorded works", early blues lovers were given the opportunity to pig out and absorb the man's legacy in all its glory. Those who seek a more modest and less systematic sampling of his amazing artistry may opt for The Essential Kokomo Arnold, a 36-track double-disc package filled with randomly arranged chestnuts dating from the years 1934-1938. In addition to Arnold's expressive voice and creative bottleneck guitar, listeners will meet up with guest vocalists Peetie Wheatstraw, Alice Moore, Mary Johnson, Roosevelt Sykes, and Lovin' Sam Theard, a hokum-styled comedian backed by Arnold and clarinetist Odell Rand as members of pianist John Oscar's Chicago Swingers. This collection highlights Arnold's stylistic versatility and may incite some listeners to pursue and obtain his complete recorded works (and the works of the other participants) as reissued by Document.
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Credits: Kokomo Arnold - composer, primary artist; Keith Briggs - liner notes; Mary Johnson - guest artist, primary artist; Joe Liggins - composer; A. Moore - composer; Alice Moore - primary artist; Oscar's Chicago Swingers - primary artist; Johnny Parth - composer; Charlie Spands - composer; Roosevelt Sykes - composer, guest artist, primary artist; Traditional - composer; Peetie Wheatstraw - guest artist, primary artist; S. Williams - composer.

Tracks, Disc 1: 1) Busy Bootin'; 2) Long and Tall; 3) Milk Cow Blues; 4) Dark Angel (feat: Alice Moore); 5) Cold Winter Blues; 6) Back to the Woods; 7) Little House (I'm Gonna Chase These Peppers) (feat: Peetie Wheatstraw); 8) Back Door Blues; 9) Jet Black Snake (feat: Roosevelt Sykes); 10) Shake That Thing; 11) Black Mattie; 12) Mister Charlie; 13) Salty Dog; 14) Bad Luck Blues; 15) Set Down Gal; 16) Sagefield Woman Blues; 17) Delmar Avenue (feat: Mary Johnson); 18) Wild Water Blues.

Tracks, Disc 2: 1) Mean Old Twister; 2) Feels So Good; 3) The Twelves (Dirty Dozen); 4) Red Beans and Rice; 5) Laugh and Grin Blues; 6) Working on the Project (feat: Peetie Wheatstraw); 7) Policy Wheel Blues; 8) Hobo Blues; 9) Stop, Look and Listen; 10) Grass Cutter Blues (feat: Alice Moore); 11) Fool Man Blues; 12) Milk Cow Blues No. 4; 13) The Honey Dripper (feat: Roosevelt Sykes); 14) Feels So Good; 15) Old Black Cat Blues (Jinx Blues); 16) Try Some of That (feat: Oscar's Chicago Swingers); 17) Bull Headed Woman Blues; 18) Bad Luck Blues.