Female Blues Singers, Vol. 9, H2 (1923-1930) by Various Artists

Label: Document Records.
Release Date: March 18, 1997.
Recording Time: 70 minutes.
Releases: 1997, 2000, 2005.
Recording Date: 1923 - January 27, 1930.

Styles: Classic Female Blues, Early Jazz, Swing.

The complete recordings of three singers, plus the early sessions of Edmonia Henderson, are on Vol. 9 of this 14-CD series. Henderson, whose 1925-27 dates are available elsewhere, is heard on her first nine selections (from 1923-24) and shows that she was an excellent vaudevillian classic blues singer. She is joined on some numbers by Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders (with cornetist Tommy Ladnier and, on "Jelly Roll Blues," clarinetist Johnny Dodds). The completely obscure Lena Henry is OK on six numbers from 1924, Lethia Hill is excellent on her only recording ("Old North State Blues"), being clearly inspired by cornetist Bubber Miley, and Mattie Hite is heard on six numbers from 1923-1924 (some with Fletcher Henderson and Coleman Hawkins) a final pair from 1930 with pianist Cliff Jackson. Interesting historic music. - Review by Scott Yanow

Credits: Lovie Austin - ensemble, piano; Johnny Dodds - clarinet; Dr. David Evans - liner notes; Stump Evans - sax (c-melody); Charles Harris - sax (alto); Coleman Hawkins - sax (tenor); Fletcher Henderson - piano; Lena Henry - primary artist; Lenny Henry - vocals; Mattie Hite - performer, primary artist, vocals; Cliff Jackson - piano; Cliff Jackson & His Crazy Cats - piano; Preston Jackson - trombone; Tommy Ladnier - cornet; Bubber Miley - cornet; Jimmy O'Bryant - clarinet; Johnny Parth - producer; Arthur Ray - piano; Rex Stewart - cornet; Gerhard Wessely - remastering; Bernie Young - cornet.

Tracks: 1) Black Man Blues - Edmonia Henderson; 2) Worried 'Bout Him Blues - Edmonia Henderson; 3) Brownskin Man - Edmonia Henderson; 4) Traveling Blues - Edmonia Henderson; 5) Mama Don't Want Sweet Man Anymore - Edmonia Henderson; 6) Hateful Blues - Edmonia Henderson; 7) If You Sheik On Your Mama, Mama's Gonna Sheba On You - Edmonia Henderson; 8) Jelly Roll Blues (Take 2) - Edmonia Henderson; 9) Lazy Daddy Blues - Edmonia Henderson; 10) Consolation Blues - Lena Henry; 11) Low Down Despondent Blues - Lena Henry; 12) Family Skeleton Blues - Lena Henry; 13) Sinful Blues - Lena Henry; 14) Freight Train Blues - Lena Henry; 15) Ghost Walkin' Blues - Lena Henry; 16) Old North State Blues - Lethia Hill; 17) Graveyard Dream Blues - Mattie Hite; 18) Mason-Dixon Blues - Lena Henry; 19) An Awful Moanin' Blues - Lena Henry; 20) If You Don't, I Know Who Will - Lena Henry.