Female Blues Singers, Vol. 13, R/S (1921-1931) by Various Artists

Label: Document Records.
Release Date: March 18, 1997.
Recording Time: 69 minutes.
Releases: 1997, 2000, 2005.
Recording Date: 1921 - 1931.

Styles: Classic Female Blues, Early Jazz.

This CD has two songs apiece by a pair of obscure singers (Nettie Robinson and Laura Rucker) and the complete output of a couple early 1920s stage performers: Gertrude Saunders and Mary Stafford. Saunder's semi-operatic style is often unintentionally humorous, particularly on "I'm Craving for That Kind of Love." Mary Stafford (heard on 14 numbers, all but the final two from 1921) was an excellent singer as can be heard on early versions of such songs as "Royal Garden Blues," "Strut Miss Lizzie," and "Arkansas Blues." Stafford's singing is the main reason to acquire Vol. 13 in this 14-CD series. - Review by Scott Yanow

Credits: Buster Bailey - accompaniment, clarinet; Jack Barsby - accompaniment, bowed bass, tuba; Tim Brymn - accompaniment; Henry Busse - accompaniment, trumpet; Hale Byers - accompaniment, sax (alto); Dr. David Evans - liner notes; Albert Foster - accompaniment, cornet; Bob Fuller - clarinet; Charlie Gaines - accompaniment, cornet; Ross Gorman - accompaniment, clarinet, sax (alto); Tommy Gott - accompaniment, trumpet; Porter Grainger - accompaniment, piano; Earl Granstaff - accompaniment, trombone; Ferde Grofe - piano; W.C. Handy - composer; Mike Jackson - piano; Charlie Johnson - piano; Charlie Johnson & His Orchestra - accompaniment, piano; Nelson Kincaid - accompaniment, sax (alto); Anton Lada - composer; Sammy Lewis - accompaniment, trombone; Addington Major - accompaniment, cornet; Thomas Morris - cornet; Johnny Parth - producer; Mike Pingatore - accompaniment, banjo; Maceo Pinkard - accompaniment, composer, piano; James Reevy - accompaniment, trombone; Laura Rucker - performer, primary artist, vocals; Gertrude Saunders - performer, primary artist, vocals; Cass Simpson - accompaniment, piano; Mary Stafford - performer, primary artist, vocals; Virginians - ensemble; Gerhard Wessely - remastering; Ben Whitted - clarinet; Ben Whittet - accompaniment, clarinet; Spencer Williams - composer.

Tracks: 1) I've Got The Right Man Now - Nettie Robinson; 2) I Never Loved But One Woman's Son - Nettie Robinson; 3) Little Joe - Laura Rucker; 4) St. Louis Blues - Laura Rucker; 5) I'm Craving For That Kind Of Love - Gertrude Saunders; 6) Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home - Gertrude Saunders; 7) Potomac River Blues - Gertrude Saunders; 8) Love Me - Gertrude Saunders; 9) Don't Let Your Love Come Down - Gertrude Saunders; 10) You Can't Have It Unless I Give It To You - Gertrude Saunders; 11) Royal Garden Blues - Mary Stafford; 12) Crazy Blues - Mary Stafford; 13) I'm Gonna Jazz My Way Right Straight Thru Paradise - Mary Stafford; 14) Down Where They Play The Blues - Mary Stafford; 15) If You Don't Want Me Send Me To My Ma - Mary Stafford; 16) Strut Miss Lizzie - Mary Stafford; 17) Wild Weeping Blues - Mary Stafford; 18) I've Lost My Heart To The Meanest Girl In Town - Mary Stafford; 19) Arkansas Blues - Mary Stafford; 20) Down Home Blues - Mary Stafford; 21) Blind Man Blues - Mary Stafford; 22) Monday Morning Blues - Mary Stafford; 23) Ain't Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee In The Morning - Mary Stafford; 24) Take Your Finger Off It - Mary Stafford.