Female Blues Singers, Vol. 12, M/O/P/Q/R (1922-1935) by Various Artists

Label: Document Records.
Release Date: March 18, 1997.
Recording Time: 73 minutes.
Releases: 1997, 2000, 2005.
Recording Date: October 19, 1922 - March 21, 1935.

Styles: Classic Female Blues, Big Band, Dixieland, Early Jazz, Film Music, New Orleans Jazz, Soundtracks, Standards, Swing.

There are some particularly interesting performances on this intriguing CD. Hattie McDaniels (the black movie actress of the 1930s and '40s) is heard singing a pair of blues in 1926 with backup from Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders. Anna Meyers is assisted in 1922 by the Original Memphis Five, Kathryn Perry in 1935 sings "Body and Soul" while joined by her husband Earl Hines' orchestra, Teddy Peters has King Oliver or Johnny Dodds in her backup bands, and Evelyn Preer's "If You Can't Hold the Man You Love" finds her backed by a Duke Ellington small group in 1927. In addition, there are performances by Helene Manley, Anna Oliver, Dolly Perkins, Nettie Potter, Sis Quander, and Nina Reeves. With the exception of McDaniels (who had a few of her performances released on other Document sets), this valuable CD has the complete output of each of these singers. - Review by Scott Yanow

Credits: Milton Ager - composer; Lovie Austin - piano; Lovie Austin & Her Blue Serenaders - accompaniment, piano; Rip Basset - banjo; Shirley Clay - cornet; Lincoln Conaway - guitar; Jesse Crump - piano; Johnny Dodds - accompaniment, clarinet; Duke Ellington - concert master, leader, piano; Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - accompaniment, orchestra; Dr. David Evans - liner notes; Sammy Fain - composer; Jake Frazier - trombone; Bob Fuller - clarinet; Percy Grainger - composer; Porter Grainger - piano; Sonny Greer - drums; Otto Hardwick - sax (alto), violin; Earl Hines - accompaniment, piano; Louis Hooper - piano; Mike Jackson - piano; Preston Jackson - trombone; R.M. Jones - composer; Irving Kahal - composer; Clinton A. Kemp - accompaniment, piano; King Oliver - cornet; Ray Kitchingham - banjo; Jimmy Lytell - clarinet; Hattie McDaniel - performer, primary artist, vocals; "Big" Mike McKendrick - banjo; Louis Metcalf - cornet; Anna Meyers - performer, primary artist, vocals; Bubber Miley - cornet; Thomas Morris - cornet; Tom Morris - cornet; Phil Napoleon - trumpet; Anna Oliver - performer, primary artist, vocals; The Original Memphis Five - ensemble; Bill Paige - sax (alto); Charles Panelli - trombone; Johnny Parth - producer; Dolly Perkins - primary artist, vocals; Kathryn Perry - primary artist, vocals; Teddy Peters - primary artist, vocals; Evelyn Preer - primary artist, vocals; Robert Prince - composer; Sis Quander - primary artist, vocals; Bob Ricketts - harmonium, piano; Jack Roth - drums; Luis Russell - piano; Bud Scott - banjo; Bob Shoffner - trumpet; Frank Signorelli - piano; Cass Simpson - piano; Artie Starks - sax (alto); Gerhard Wessely - remastering; Clarence Williams - composer; Albert Wynn - trombone; Jack Yellen - composer; Young's Creole Jazz Band - ensemble; Bernie Young - cornet.

Tracks: 1) I Wish I Had Somebody - Hattie McDaniels; 2) Boo Hoo Blues - Hattie McDaniels; 3) Loving Blues - Helena Manley; 4) Red Head Stepchild Blues - Helena Manley; 5) That Da Da Strain - Anna Meyers; 6) Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do - Anna Meyers; 7) Evil Minded Blues - Anna Meyers; 8) Last Go Round Blues - Anna Meyers; 9) What's The Use Of Lovin'? - Anna Oliver; 10) My Doggone Lazy Man - Dolly Perkins; 11) Tain't A Doggone Thing But The Blues - Dolly Perkins; 12) Body And Soul - Kathryn Perry; 13) Georgia Man - Teddy Peters; 14) What A Man! - Teddy Peters; 15) A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Nettie Porter; 16) Blind Man Blues (Take 1) - Nettie Porter; 17) Blind Man Blues (Take 2) - Nettie Porter; 18) Make Me Know It (Take 2 -test) - Evelyn Preer; 19) If You Can't Hold The Man You Love - Evelyn Preer; 20) Mama Is Waiting For You - Sis Quander; 21) Mine's Just As Good As Yours - Sis Quander; 22) Black Snake Blues - Sis Quander; 23) Soul And Body (He Belongs To Me) - Sis Quander; 24) Indiana Avenue Blues - Nina Reeves; 25) Louisville Lou (The Vampin' Lady) - Nina Reeves.