Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1923-1925) by Maggie Jones

Label: Document Records
Release Date: August 1, 1995
Releases: 1995, 2005
Recording Time: 74 minutes

Styles: Classic Female Blues.

Collecting up all of Maggie Jones' earliest recordings from August 1923 to April 1925, this 24-track compilation features her in a variety of settings. Starting out with simple piano accompaniment from Don Redman or Fletcher Henderson, her later sides in the set find her working with fuller combos counting up at various times contributions from Louis Armstrong and guitarists Sam Clark and Roy Smeck. Taken from rarer-than-rare original 78s in fairly battered shape, two of the tracks have skips in them that no amount of noise reduction can fix. A seasoned theater performer, Jones had a classic blues style that wears well. Here's where her story begins.
by Cub Koda

Credits: Louis Armstrong - cornet; Sam Clark - guitar; Tom Delaney - composer; Edgar Dowell - composer; Champion Jack Dupree - composer; Lem Fowler - piano; Charlie Green - trombone; Fletcher Henderson - composer, piano; Maggie Jones - accordion, composer, primary artist, vocals; Johnny Parth - producer; Andy Razaf - composer; Fats Waller - composer; Gerhard Wessely - remastering; John Wilby - liner notes; Clarence Williams - composer; Spencer Williams - composer.

Tracks: 1) Do It a Long Time Papa; 2) I Just Want a Daddy; 3) You Can't Do What My Last Man Did; 4) Don't Never Tell Nobody What Your Good Man Can Do; 5) You Don't Know My Mind (Take 1); 6) You Don't Know My Mind (Take 2); 7) Good-Bye Blues (Take 1); 8) Good-Bye Blues (Take 2); 9) Four Flushing Papa; 10) Jealous Mamma Blues; 11) Boxcar Blues; 12) Western Union Blues; 13) Poor House Blues; 14) Anybody Here Want to Try My Cabbage; 15) Thunderstorm Blues; 16) If I Lose, Let Me Lose (Mamma Don't Mind); 17) Screamin' the Blues; 18) Good Time Flat Blues; 19) You May Go, But You'll Come Back Some Day; 20) Early Every Morn' (I Want Some Lovin'); 21) Dangerous Blues; 22) Suicide Blues; 23) Undertaker's Blues; 24) North Bound Blues.