Chicago Southside, Blues & Jazz 1928-36 by W.E. "Buddy" Burton & Ed "Fats" Hudson

Label: RST Records / Document Records.
Release Date: 1994.
Recording Time: 72 minutes.
Recording Date: February, 1928 - April 2, 1936.
Releases: 1995 (RST Records), 1996 (RST Records / Document).

Styles: Early Jazz, Classic Blues.

Buddy Burton (also known as W.E. Burton), a minor figure in jazz history, was a fine pianist and a spirited vocalist. His recordings as a soloist -- dates backing singers Tillie Johnson, Mae Matthews, and Irene Sanders; duets with fellow pianist Jimmy Blythe (their "Dustin' the Keys" is a near-classic); and performances with the Dixie Four, the Harlem Trio, and drummer Marcus Norman (aka Alabama Jim and George) -- are all on this definitive CD. In addition, the only four recordings by even more obscure pianist Bob Hudson (heard dueting with Burton, backing trombonist Roy Palmer, and playing banjo with pianist Jimmy Blythe) round out this generous 25-cut set. The good-time music may not be essential, but 1920s collectors will love this very complete reissue. ~ Scott Yanow

Credits: jimmy blythe - performer, piano, primary artist; Buddy Burton - cello, piano, primary artist, speech/speaker/speaking part, vocals; W.E. Burton - primary artist; Dixie Four - performer, primary artist; W.C. Handy - composer; Harlem Trio - performer, primary artist; Kurt Hriczucsah - cover art; Bob Hudson - performer, piano, primary artist, vocals; Bill Johnson - string bass; Bill Johnson - sax (bass); Clifford "Snags" Jones - drums; Michael Matthews - vocals; Mike Montgomery - liner notes; Marcus Norman - drums, speech/speaker/speaking part, vocals; Roy Palmer - performer, primary artist, trombone; Johnny Parth - compilation producer, producer; Irene Sanders - performer, primary artist, vocals; Rudi Steager - executive producer; Gerhard Wessely - remastering.

Tracks: 1) Ham Fatchet Blues, Part I (Buddy Burton); 2) Ham Fatchet Blues, Part II (Buddy Burton); 3) My Baby (feat. Tillie Johnson); 4) Satisfied Blues (feat. Mae Matthews); 5) Time Enough (Buddy Burton); 6) Dustin' The Keys (Blythe & Burton); 7) Block And Tackle Blues (Blythe & Burton); 8) Silvery Moon (Buddy Burton); 9) It’s No-One But You (Buddy Burton); 10) Five O'Clock Stomp (feat. Dixie Four); 11) Kentucky Stomp (feat. Dixie Four); 12) South Side Stomp (feat. Dixie Four); 13) St. Louis Man (feat. Dixie Four); 14) St. Louis Blues (feat. Harlem Trio); 15) Fuzzy Wuzzy (feat. Harlem Trio); 16) Do Do Lady (feat. Harlem Trio); 17) Roll That Jelly (feat. Harlem Trio); 18) Crossin' Beale Street (feat. Alabama Jim & George); 19) Memphis Rhythm (feat. Alabama Jim & George); 20) Fats' Hard Luck Blues No. 1 (Ed "Fats" Hudson); 21) Fats' Hard Luck Blues No. 2 (Ed "Fats" Hudson); 22) Block And Tackle (feat. Black Diamond Twins); 23) The Trombone Slide (feat. Bob Hudson & Roy Palmer); 24) New Block And Tackle (Buddy Burton & Irene Sanders); 25) Electric Man (Buddy Burton & Irene Sanders).