Buddy Guy, From Behind the Six String

huffingtonpost.com - BG: I don’t think that they’re doing it more than ever before because it’s not being exposed like it was when we had a lot of AM stations playing everybody’s music. You can’t drive down the street now if you don’t have satellite radio—you can hardly hear a blues record played on the radio. And it’s not easy for the young generation of people to know who Tom, Dick and Harry is who’s playing blues if they don’t know about it. The best way I can explain it is, you don’t know how well I can cook until you taste it. But with the blues—it worries me a bit, because my own children didn’t know who I was until they got 21 and was able to come into a blues club to see me perform. They cried and said, Dad, I didn’t know you could do that. So I know your kids don’t know who I am unless you tell them. And they’d probably say, where did you get that from? But in my days, you could turn your radio on and you could hear a good gospel record, you could hear a good jazz record, and you could hear a good Muddy Waters record. They just don’t play it like that no more. When the disc jockeys come on your big FM stations now, they just play the same albums all day—the superstars. READ MORE