All Shook Up by Otis Blackwell

Label: Shanachie Records.
Release Date: 1976.
Releases: 1976, 1995.
Recording Time: 47 minutes.
Recording Date: October 14, 1976 - October 27, 1976.

Styles: East Coast Blues, Regional Blues, Rock & Roll, Urban Blues.

Blackwell's "comeback" album, originally cut in 1976 for Herb Abramson's Inner City label, is a successful effort at reclaiming the songs of his that made people like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis ("Great Balls of Fire," "Breathless"), Dee Clark ("Hey Little Girl"), et al. famous. For some listeners this album won't offer any real revelation, alas -- the backings seem a little too smooth (one suspects that the original demos on "Fever," "All Shook Up," etc., had some rough edges that made them more interesting). They're all played well, however, and Blackwell's singing is impeccable. Anyone else might be accused of mimicking Elvis's style on "All Shook Up" and related numbers, except that history tells us different, and the performances are genuine and honest. Blackwell shows off a surprisingly wide range, most notably on the lullaby "Sleep Is Just Around the Corner" and the ballad "Clinging to a Dream," all of which makes this far more than just an Elvis Presley-related curio. Also included is Blackwell's credible rendition of "Searchin'," a song authored by his contemporary rivals Leiber and Stoller.
by Bruce Eder

Credits: Herb Abramson - engineer, liner notes, producer; Otis Blackwell - composer, primary artist, producer, vocals; Eddie Cooley - composer; John Davenport - composer; Bob Goldring - guitar (rhythm); Jack Hammer - composer; Gordon Inyard - guitar; Jimmy Jones - composer; Jimmy "Handy Man" Jones - composer; Jerry Leiber - composer; Charles Merenstein - composer; Elvis Presley - composer; Winfield Scott - composer, vocals (background); B.W. Stevenson - composer; Mike Stoller - composer; Bob Tinerino - bass; Chris Townes - piano; Jeffrey Zollher - drums.

Tracks: 1) All Shook Up; 2) Fever; 3) Back Trail; 4) Daddy Rollin' Stone; 5) Great Balls Of Fire; 6) Don't Be Cruel; 7) Searchin'; 8) Let's Talk About Us; 9) Hey Little Girl; 10) Breathless; 11) Handy Man; 12) Return To Sender; 13) Hello Bottle; 14) One Broken Heart For Sale; 15) Sleep Is Just Around The Corner; 16) Clinging To A Dream.