Lurrie Bell

Son of harpist Carey Bell who was on-stage early and often, later recording from the 1970s on, both as a solo act and under the Sons of Blues banner. 

b. December 13, 1958 in Chicago, IL. The second son of Carey Bell, Lurrie’s musical interests were encouraged from an early age by his father and the guitarist Roy Johnson. By the age of eight Bell was regularly called onstage for guest appearances. In his teens he joined Koko Taylor’s band as guitarist. In the 80s he established himself as both a respected band leader and an in-demand session player, and he toured Europe frequently. Beset by mental illness he gave up music in 1986, but marked his return three years later with some well-received recordings for the JSP label. Bell’s soulful, Little Milton -influenced singing and agile guitar continued to impress, although his late 90s output for Delmark Records demonstrated a grittier edge. The suitably dark lyrics reflected the often-chaotic nature of Bell’s troubled personal life, which has included drugs, homelessness and hospital stays. The recent upturn in the guitarist’s fortunes has seen him installed as a regular on the Chicago club circuit.