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Independent Women's Blues, Vol. 3, Super Sisters by Various Artists

Label: Rosetta Records.
Release Date: 1982.
Releases: December 4, 1995.
Recording Time: 00 minutes.
Recording Date: April 9, 1927 - May 3, 1955.

Styles: Classic Female Blues, Swing.

The third of four LPs issued by Rosetta in its Independent Women's Blues series has 16 blues and jazz recordings, one apiece from Ida Cox, Bertha Idaho, Helen Humes (in 1927), Sara Martin, Mildred Bailey, Sweet Peas Spivey, Lil Johnson, Trixie Smith, Susie Edwards, Lucille Bogan, Cleo Gibson, Martha Copeland, Edith Johnson, Albennie Jones, Lizzie Miles and Ella Fitzgerald. Many of these valuable performances are still quite rare and have not yet been reissued on CD.
Review by Scott Yanow.

Credits: Mildred Bailey - performer, primary artist; Lucille Bogan - composer, performer, primary artist; Martha Copeland - performer, primary artist; Ida Cox - composer, performer, primary artist; Ella Fitzgerald - composer, performer, primary artist; Cleo Gibson - performer, primary artist; Porter Grainger - composer; Eddie Green - composer; Susie Hawthorne - performer, primary artist; Helen Humes - performer, primary artist; Bertha Idaho - performer, primary artist; Edith North Johnson - performer, primary artist; J.C. Johnson - composer; Lil Johnson - composer, performer, primary artist; Albennie Jones - performer, primary artist; Frank Loesser - composer; Sara Martin - performer, primary artist; George W. Meyer - composer; Lizzie Miles - performer, primary artist; Andy Razaf - composer; Trixie Smith - performer, primary artist; Sweet Peas Spivey - performer, primary artist; Clarence Williams - composer.

Tracks: 1) I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Break My Heart - Ida Cox; 2) You've Got The Right Eye But You're Peeping At The Wrong Eyehole - Bertha Idaho; 3) Do What You Did Last Night - Helen Humes; 4) Take Your Black Bottom Outside - Sara Martin; 5) Junk Man - Mildred Bailey; 6) Double Dozens You Dirty No Gooder - Sweet Peas Spivey; 7) Meat Balls - Lil Johnson; 8) My Unusual Man - Trixie Smith; 9) Jelly Roll Queen - Susie Edwards; 10) Coffee Grindin' Blues - Lucille Bogan; 11) I've Got Ford Movements in My Hips - Cleo Gibson; 12) I Ain't You Hen Mr Fly Rooster - Martha Copeland; 13) Good Chib Blues - Edith Johnson; 14) Papa Tree Top Blues - Albennie Jones; 15) Take Your Fingers Off It - Lizzie Miles; 16) Ella Hums The Blues - Ella Fitzgerald.