Doctor Clayton and His Buddy (1935-1947) by Doctor Clayton and Sunnyland Slim

Label: Story Of Blues
Release Date: 1989
Releases: 1989, 1992 (DA/Story Of Blues)
Recording Date: July 27, 1935 - December 31, 1947

Styles: Pre-War Blues, Regional Blues, St. Louis Blues.

A collection of tracks from Peter J. "Doctor" Clayton and "Doctor Clayton's Buddy," Sunnyland Slim. Recorded in 1935 to 1947, this is two-fisted, barrelhouse piano at its finest and tracks like Clayton's "Yo Yo Jive," "Slick Man Blues," and "Black Snake Blues" and Sunnyland's "Broke and Hungry," "Nappy Head Woman," "Illinois Central," and "Sweet Lucy Blues" are absolutely amazing in their conversational tones. A great little set.
by Cub Koda

Pairing Doctor Clayton and Sunnyland Slim on the same compilation makes good sense for a number of reasons. Generally speaking, both men were influential participants in the Chicago blues scene of the 1940s. More specifically, they had a lot of players in common, including pianist Blind John Davis, guitarists Robert Lockwood and Big Bill Broonzy, and bassist Ransom Knowling. The most obvious similarity between Doctor Clayton and young Sunnyland Slim was their extroverted vocal delivery, bravely introduced by Clayton during the years 1935-1942 and revived with a vengeance by Sunnyland in 1947. Clayton's part of the package begins with "Peter's Blues" and its flipside, the naughty "Yo Yo Jive," recorded in July 1935. Nine selections from 1941 include an outspoken report on the Nazi occupation of Europe and a fine cover version of Walter Brown and Jay McShann's "Confessin' the Blues." Unfortunately Clayton drank himself to death in January 1947, derailing a stalled career that otherwise could have led to his success as one of the great extroverts of rhythm & blues and rock & roll. When Victor released the records cut at Sunnyland's session of December 10, 1947, they billed him as "Doctor Clayton's Buddy." This was actually based in fact; the two men knew each other and ran with the same crowd. Furthermore, they sounded a bit alike, as Sunnyland honored his deceased colleague by adapting Clayton's hollering and screaming technique to suit his own needs. In this way, both men broke the ice and paved the way for rowdy rockers like Wynonie Harris, Professor Longhair, Little Richard and Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Clayton's complete works (with the exception of a tiny bit of material from 1946) were reissued by Document Records in 1994. Sunnyland's work from the 1940s has been exhaustively revisited by both the Classics and JSP labels. This little Story of the Blues sampler from 1993 is an excellent way to enjoy both artists and to compare their extraordinary styles. Feel free to scream along if the feeling comes and gets you.
by arwulf arwulf

Credits: Big Bill Broonzy - guitar; Walter Brown - composer; Peter J. Clayton - accordion, composer, primary artist, vocals; Blind John Davis - piano; Robert Dixon - discographical information; John Godrich - discographical information; Ransom Knowling - sax (bass); Albert Luandrew - performer, primary artist; Jay McShann - composer; Johnny Parth - producer; Judge Riley - drums; Rudi Steager - executive producer; Sunnyland Slim - accordion, vocals; Susan Swain - liner notes; Guido Van Rijn - corrections; Beatrice "Toots" Willis - piano.

Tracks: 1) Peter's Blues - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 2) Yo Yo Jive - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 3) Roaming Gambler - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 4) Slick Man Blues - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 5) False Love Blues - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 6) Something Going On Wrong - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 7) Black Snake Blues - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 8) '41 Blues - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 9) Love Is Gone - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 10) Confessin' The Blues - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 11) Streamline Love - Peter J. Clayton (Doctor Clayton; 12) Farewell Little Girl - Doctor Clayton's Buddy (Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew); 13) Broke And Hungry - Doctor Clayton's Buddy (Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew); 14) Illinois Central - Doctor Clayton's Buddy (Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew); 15) Nappy Head Woman - Doctor Clayton's Buddy (Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew); 16) Across The Hall Blues - Doctor Clayton's Buddy (Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew); 17) Walking With The Blues - Doctor Clayton's Buddy (Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew); 18) Sweet Lucy Blues - Doctor Clayton's Buddy (Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew); 19) No Whiskey Blues - Doctor Clayton's Buddy (Albert "Sunnyland Slim" Luandrew).